How to play low level arms?

Seen guides for end game but what about while I level.

My questions are do u over power everytime it procs or only if rage starved?

Do I only use HS if I have 5 stacks of TFB?

If I am rage staved and ms is on CD is there anything I could do?

What glyphs for leveling?

What stance is best?

Thanks in advance
at my level skill priority i use is execute>ms>overpower(ifnotfullrage)>slam
For low level arms, i would go prot. prot does more ST damage, more aoe damage and has far superior utility (obviously right?). I still don't know when that balances ou but from 1-62 so far prot is like omgwtfbbq damage
I do main as prot just trying something different.

Back to arms when u slam at close to full rage when do u stop when you're down to zero or like 30 or something. Also still would like to know what stance, glyphs and talents to use.
Until you have colossus smash, there really aren't many choices for you to make.

It's mostly what you want to accomplish.

I'd practice stacking your TfB stack though, and using sweeping strikes (as most leveling is aoe.)

Here is what I wrote out for arms PVE earlier:

Single target: CS -> MS -> OP -> Slam/OP -> Slam/OP -> CS+HS -> repeat.

Two Targets: MS -> Sweeping Strikes -> OP -> Slam/OP -> CS/OP -> MS -> repeat

Aoe -> TC -> CS -> MS -> SS -> OP -> TC -> single target stuff till you can tclap again.

Basically your entire goal while using mortal strike on cooldown is to make sure you have colossus smash up and build your TfB stack. You want to overpower whenever you can, it has great damage, and you want to dump your heroic strikes when colossus smash is on the target.

If you get to five stacks of TfB, your NUMBER ONE priority is to dump it before it wears off, no matter where you are in your rotation.

When you are in a cleave situation, you want to conserve your rage, so don't worry about heroic strike unless you have 2 or 3 (at least) TfB stacks and you can dump it right after a colossus smash WITH SWEEPING STRIKES ON. Making sure you have sweeping strikes up is the largest damage increase you have when there are two targets (or more.)

In an aoe situation, just make sure deep wounds stays up. How often you thunderclap isn't as important as making sure deep wounds is ticking. You will have some kind of AoE ability like bladestorm or dragon roar or shockwave. They are pretty interchangeable while leveling.

Hope that helps.
For instances go battle stance, solo questing probably berserker since you're taking damage and they removed the stance requirement for attacks but I couldn't tell you definitively as I have yet to quest/level since the expansion dropped.
Just leveled 1-85 mostly as arms and for the low level pretty much just spend your rage.

If MS and Over power aren't up just use slam at every GCD unless they're in execute range which is really pretty pointless most of the time. Just chain mobs together to keep your rage up.

I use heroic strike pretty much every time I have 60 or more rage (Which changed once I got into MoP of course).

Also impending victory. I use it every time its off CD even with out the proc.

B-stance for instances. F-stance for questin'. Might've been best to just stay in battle but -shrug-.
Use MS on cooldown. Use overpower when it's up. Fill with Slam. Don't HS until you're going to cap out on rage. Colossus smash doesn't change THAT much about the warrior rotation, it just tops the priority list when it shows up.
K from what I'm seeing my slam does way more damage then HS so unless I have stacks of TfB do I ever use HS?
10/04/2012 06:54 PMPosted by Frankduxs
K from what I'm seeing my slam does way more damage then HS so unless I have stacks of TfB do I ever use HS?

Only if you are going to cap rage in the middle of a GCD and can't Slam, or if you are sitting at very high rage and are generating rage too quickly to burn it off with Slam.

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