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Blizz - I can't say I don't appreciate this - I think it's a great step in the right direction. However, once a player has done the grind, why even bother force them to grind it out on another character - even if it's an accelerated rate?

As someone who has nine level 85's as of the launch of MoP, with only my "main" having ~50 exalted reps - I think I've done my time and my other characters should benefit from the work I've put into the rep grind on one character.

And oh, by the way... of all those characters, exactly 0 were leveled using refer a friend or any other special circumstance leveling bonus. It was done the old fashioned way. I'm sure someone will flame.
Fantastic Idea.

I'd like to second comments made by two other posters:

First, Guild Rep - I have multiple alts in the same guild. As another poster commented, would be nice to accelerate guild rep in the same way because basically guild rep is about the participation of the player in the guild, not the characters.

Second, as others have mentioned, not sure I understand why you are accelerating progress after Revered to exalted on the first character to reached revered for a faction. It will be useful, however. If I have several characters and each gets to exalted faster with one particular faction, all the others will then grow faster with all the factions. This could help a lot.

One thing that I am confused about. If this is across a battle.net account, what is the impact on having both Alliance and Horde characters, or more specifically, what if one character is revered by a faction and another is Hated by that same faction? Will there be a disconnect of some kind, or will you just lose reputation slower?
Thank God, this is great news. I would have liked to see a shared rep pool with all your toons on an account but this is a good start. Thanks for hearing us :P
please don't change the main character's reputation grind. Halving the rep needed for exalted trivializes the revered-exalted grind. Either increase the rep needed for exalted from revered, or don't change it for the mains.
I have no problem with any part of this. I'm an altoholic by nature so this all sounds good to me. I personally have three accounts and love playing a multitude of toons, this will give me a reason to keep doing what I'm doing.. which i was worried would become a thing of the past when the newest patch hit! LOVE the changes, please don't make any grave adjustments to them.

There are alot of people complaining that a mains rep shouldn't have a speed boost because it would trivialize the rep grind to exalted, but I disagree. ALot of the new dailies only give 100 rep. That's far below what old factions would give for dailies. I imagine this trend can continue if these changes make it through, otherwise it would be nice for reps like golden lotus to give double the rep for quests than they do now and other arbitraily slow-gaining reps to be given a boost. However, blizzards proposed changes are a blanket fix and more to my liking. Two different paths to same same destination, which i hope Blizzard doesn't compromise too much on.
Sweet, now we don't have to work for anything!
If it's still a daily grind, i'm still not doing it. Believe it or not, there's quite a few people who detest dailies, in spite of their "epic lewt".

I'll not be forced to do dailies. I quest as much as i need to level up, and that's where it stops.

Never in the history of WoW have we been forced to do dailies for rep gear. In Vanilla, you gained rep through raid, in BC, rep through dungeon and raid, in Wrath, Tabard, Cata, Tabard, Mists, Dailies.

I wont do it on one toon, why would i do it on any of my 14 other 85's. (5 box shaman team for those curious as to why 14) That grind is rediculous.

Another note, why are we even able to gain VP through dungeons if we aren't allowed to spend them by dungeon running? If they require rep to be spent, keep them with the dailies. They're of no use to anyone not doing them.
10/04/2012 08:43 PMPosted by Holydragøn
The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted

This is probably the only part of this I'm not too fond of. As this stands this means you'll go from Revered to Exalted (0-21000) faster than you went from Honored to Revered (0-12000). If the Golden Lotus is any indication you open more and more dailies with each faction as you reach a higher reputation status. This alone should be enough, and I personally don't think that the double reputation from Revered to Exalted is needed.

If you want to do the dailies for twice as long, do them for twice as long. This change has no negative impact whatsoever.

YES GOOD. This is just a stepping stone to account-wide rep right Blizzard yeah? yeah? (nudges)

I have two co-mains so trying to decide what reps to grind has been a huge headache for me.
This is a great idea, and makes it alot less grindy to level alts
10/04/2012 10:09 AMPosted by Arrowset
What about players with alts on different accounts? Isn't this encouraging them to transfer the toons to one account and cancel the others?

Its your choice, I dont see how they'll make rep gaining go cross accounts. You can choose to not have the rep gain bonus or you can switch it to your current account and get the bonus. ^_^
Sounds simple enough, but why not make it more in-line with the goals of Mists? At revered, add a BoA tabbard that provides rep when running dungeons, completing quests, or gathering?

You would still increase the rate at which you or your alts earn rep, but it also encourages players to continue questing out in the world.

Also, why not open some of the tillers rep quests pre-90. Obviously killing level 90 mobs is not feasible for 85s (hell my 90 has to be careful at times...ty for that), but planting a cabbage at Yoons request or gifting voting members of the Tillers committee should be allowed to slowly get rep up.
Like others have said, I am not sure why are you effectively halving the reputation needed to get Exalted. I have absolutely no problem with the alt aspect of the changes. In fact, I greatly support it! But the proposed change for revered to exalted for mains makes no sense to me... Shouldn't exalted standing be an achievement and thus be harder to get? Having it be easier than the honored -> revered grind simply makes no sense. I sincerely hope that this portion of the change does not make it to live.
Your all going to hate me, but I dont care.

This is a BAD idea. I feel as though youve already dumbed down many things in the game as it is. You know, making it easy and more simple for players to "Get" things. Rep is a grindy expierence and it has been like that for ages, why change it?

Having your ALTs gain Rep at a faster pace is OK I suspose, but not your main. However, whos to know what is and what isnt your main? Seems to me that this idea has a huge flaw.

It doesnt matter if your on your main or your ALT, seems that the first toon to hit Revered in a particular Rep would open the door for your other toons as well. Flawed.

Say you dont have a Worgan. You can make one. You have a level 90 main, but dont want to grind out the Rep for Gilneas. So by time your Worgan hits level 20, hes exhalted. So, now you dont have much of a grind for you main now.

Wouldnt it be easier to get ditch the Rep and let people get what they want, without grinding? Because thats the direction this game is headed in IMO.

Clearly you're hallucinating. The game has headed into a larger grind when it comes to the VP gear (which is what the rep effects). Since Vanilla through Cata, rep has been farmed in dungeons, only capped by lockouts (in bc and early wrath). The rep grind was -much- faster until Mists, where it's slowed down.

The weekly valor cap was put in place to limit how fast the epics were acquired, now they couple rep gates on Top of that.

If they wanted you to get the epics slower, they'd of reduced the vp weekly cap, because that's logical. That's not the case, they want to force you to do dailies. It's forced gameplay, that strays from a gearing path that's been etched in stone since the inception of the game, and it's horrible.
This is a great change since I have been dreading leveling any of my alts. I would of rather had the exalted tabards from the mop factions become BOA and allow my alts to champion the faction while heroic grinding, but I guess I have to take what I can get.
Why not just let us get rep from wearing tabards again? Or having heroics award certain reps? Or maybe just have the dailies give slightly more rep, like dailies from pre-mists factions?

Also kind of weird how now Revered-Exalted takes less rep than Honored-Revered.

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