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This is great news indeed! Will this apply to all Reputation gains (such as from standard quests or even the Lorewalkers rep gained from achievements) or will it only apply to rep earned from daily quests?

Also, will this only apply to Mists of Pandaria factions or will we see this spread to all factions in the game?
10/04/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Serinicas
but I think that the double reputation gains on the original character to Exalted is unnecessary.

Yeah, that's my only question. I don't think the main character getting double rep gains is really necessary. If it is, then the revered -> exalted stretch was poorly designed to begin with, really.

Or some kind of thing to have that bonus but make it interactive. I love the alt change, just maybe if they want a bonus to mains, maybe a 25% at most.
And as long as they keep the JP and VP gear at the same level, we'll be fine because the changes they already made are good.

The double for alts is more then plenty, I would rmeove the double gain ont he main. Otherwise I like this. :D
The reason for the Revered-Exalted change is so that your alts don't get exalted before your main. If they just 1/2 the rep to exalted, then your alts would still have their double speed going through that now shortened rep climb. Think about it.
A good change, but it feels like a bandaid. Even with this change, the MoP method of gearing is still significantly more painful and onerous than the Cataclysm/Wrath system, which has worked perfectly fine for the last three years.

A much better solution would have been to simply remove the need to grind rep to progress your character. Forcing people into one kind of content has never been a good idea and will never be a good idea. That was the problem with Cataclysm; you made it, "raid or die." Now we've got "rep or die," and that's hardly any better.

Also, the fact that this is coming in a patch strengthens my conviction that I should quit playing once I hit 90 and come back after a couple of patches have gone by.

I hate to be so negative -- I really do -- but it's hard to be excited about, "This arbitrary grind we added to replace one of the most solid and time-tested systems in the game is now less onerous than it was before."

See I disagree with this full heartedly. I think the rep gear isn't that great in the first place. The rewards for grinding are good but not "do or die". Will it help you get gear faster and help with raiding yes. Do you have to do it or not raid at all? No. You can raid in heroic gear and the gear from heroics are probably not that much worse. I'm pretty sure I understand what your saying; I'm just not sure it really has to be done.
Sounds like a bandaid fix. Exalted is going to take less time than Revered. Tabards would make more sense, but that lets people do two things at once.
Is there any ETA on whether this is coming in the next hotfix like the latest rep requirement changes(hopefully this), or is this waiting until 5.0.6 or 5.1?
"Coming in a future patch"

explain when future boy
10/04/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Crithto
The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted

I don't get this part. Why not just nerf the 21000 reputation experience in half at normal speed instead of doubling the speed?
That is sooo much better than what we have now. Thanks Blizz.
awesome news!
now how about letting us buy more BOA gear for our alts?
Question: So getting from revered to exalted will take half as much effort for even your first character? That isn't a typo?!

Question: Are these changes are only for MOP factions?

Question: Will introduction and one time quests give double rep too? Or only dailies?
For example: With Klaxxi you'd end up past revered for just leveling.
For example: Sons of Hodir you'd be exalted without finishing the quest line.
While I don't agree with the main toon getting double rep because I really don't mind doing the grind properly, my hunter is twitching with excitement because she is my reputation hoarder and currently sitting at 57 or 58 dying to get the 60 rep achievement.
10/04/2012 10:17 AMPosted by Arixan
Curious why you would implement it this way instead of simply cutting in half the amount of rep needed to reach Exalted. Would the effect not be the same in the end?

It wouldn't be exactly the same. Effectively alts would gain 4x the amount of rep to exalted (x2 rep and rep required halved). This basically means all toons get double rep to exalted, main and alts.
Double-gain for alts is awesome. Great idea.

Double-gain for main towards exalted, not so much. You've already solved the problem of needing to grind to exalted by making the rewards almost entirely vanity. There's no need to turn Exalted into another Revered.
The inc rep gains at revered, going to exalted, is stupid. Just lower the requirements for exalted if you want it to be faster.

(posted 17 second before me, but after I started typing)
Double-gain for alts is awesome. Great idea.

Double-gain for main towards exalted, not so much. You've already solved the problem of needing to grind to exalted by making the rewards almost entirely vanity. There's no need to turn Exalted into another Revered.
I would have much preferred a tabard system for rep. Perhaps unlock a BoA tabard when one character reaches exalted. With the current system, players are still pigeon-holed into questing, which is personally my least favorite part of the game. I would have much preferred to have a BoA tabard that allowed me to gain rep while dungeon grinding on low-level alts. This is a step forward at least.
10/04/2012 10:11 AMPosted by Resala
Finally! Something alt friendly! Good job, Blizz.

Consolidating mounts/pets/achievements wasn't alt friendly?

I approve of this

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