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I would rather see this: Have all the rep based items bind on Battle.net account. That way, only one character has to do the rep grind and the alts can still have access to everything.

As it is, if you have several crafter toons, you have to level all of them and have them do the rep grinds, just for the patterns. Not only is this time consuming, but it takes the fun out of the game and turns it more into a job.

I know that not having every recipe isn't necessary, it does help to have them in order to sell and have for the rest of your toons.
10/04/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Crithto
The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted

This seems like an unnecessary benefit. In simple terms, the 1/21000 is being made into a 0/10500 bar for all characters. The rest is intriguing. I don't see the point of giving the "main" earner the same benefit as the rest of the toons. Or perhaps, this stems from sort of technical limitation where the "trigger" just flags the whole account to earn double from that point?

Also one small bit of clarification. Will this new system apply to each and all reputations in the game? e.g. Hydraxian, Darkmoon, Booty Bay, Ebon Vanguard, et al?

What about rep losses on those opposing factions? Do they double as well?
I love you, I seriously do. Getting factions to exalted makes me so happy. I'm going to rock these changes. Thank you so much!
Account wide rep pls
This makes my order of the cloud serpent egg grind useless..Blah. Oh well..Atleast it's not out right now.
Not good enough. Grinding dailies on multiple alts will still be a pain.
You should only earn twice the amount of reputation up to revered in my opinion. Letting players earn twice the amount of reputation up to exalted is being a little too lenient.

I'm all for making it easier, but lets not take it too far :p
That's the only gripe I have thus far about MoP.

Golden Lotus per quest 110 rep?.. For serious? -.-;;

Can't even touch Shado-pan until you're revered with Lotus... Double -.-;;

Can't ride glory mounts, can't farm shards for the rare in Blossoms zone without August Celestials and you can't do August Celestials until you're Revered with another rep that dishes out half/one third the amount of rep that rep oriented quests tend to offer..

Cloud Serpent rep can be fixed with eggs but now there's never any eggs -anywhere- I think I've found a total of 3 in three days.

Yep, my biggest gripe is REP.

Oh yes and the derp factor with Klaxxi, by the time anyone exalts with Klaxxi to get access to the BLUE weapons, you'll have superior heroic drops or LFR/normal mode drops thus making these rep weapons no more then transmog stuff?...

There's a lot of 'no sense' stuff going on with rep/quartermaster stuff.
Personally I would rather the non-valor rep rewards just be BoA, so I can grind out rep on my main and send my alts the enchant/bs/tailoring enchants. Grinding rep multiple times just to get access to things like Valor Point items actually has me avoiding leveling my alts currently.

I would also prefer you folks just look at rep rewards for the various dailies, Shado gives so little rep per turnin it hardly feels like you move that rep at all. It has a feel similar to the Isle of Quel'Danas, but fewer dailies and less rep rewarded. I can sort of understand it for factions like Tillers which expand your farm at various levels, but for factions with valor point items it just seems cruel.

I don't have time to farm rep via dailies across all 7-8 (if I make a monk :P) toons on my account. Hell I've not even leveled anymore because there's no time.

I think it would be more interesting if, once I hit exalted with my main, those tabards we can buy from klaxxi/shado/etc... would then be BoA and let us "champion" that faction on our alts, so we still have that initial grind of 20+ days via our main but after we don't have to take our alts through the daily grind. Sort of a mix between daily-only rep and dungeon championing ala wrath/cata.


ps: still having fun, just not sure if Mists is quite as alt friendly as cata (or even wrath :\)
10/04/2012 10:14 AMPosted by Pwnykeg
Will this new system apply to all reputations or just Pandaria?

I would also like to know this.
There is nothing wrong with a grind. I like the bonus to alts as that seems to fit in with the recent direction WoW is going in regards to alts. The bonus to the main character from Revered to Exalted seems out of place, though.

If the current grind is deemed too much (which I don't think it should be) simply going x2 to rep gains is correcting a nuanced and detailed system with a rubber mallet. This also seems too close to the "bracketing" method of correcting which may end up with Rep too easy to acquire and then we see it made more difficult later on. I'd rather see smaller incremental fixes than the blunt brute force approach.

I have complained that gear wasn't available until after it was no longer useful. That has been addressed by removing the rep requirement on the vendor. There is also the option to simply lower the rep level needed.

If changes need to be made for "the good of the game" then surely there's a better solution than simply halving the grind.
Not too much of a fan of the double rep til Exalted on the main toon. I feel the effort needed to be put into the reps was just right... just the first time around. Anything to make alts less of a pain in the butt to manage is always a plus.
Still a very stupid concept. So after 6 weeks of dailies on my main, I then have to do 3 weeks of dailies on each alt I want to spend Valor on? You're a multi-billion dollar company, yet you come up with an idea that solves... none of the problems. Might want to burrow some of your "A-Team" that I assume you've put on the new MMOs team.
Better than what we have today, though still a fail design in my option.

This still forces players to fight with the entire server for crappy respawns with crappy drop rates to complete mind-numbingly boring dailies.

Many of us don't like dailies and certainly don't like standing around waiting on respawns to kill another handful of mobs hoping for a quest item to drop.

How about offer up alternatives ways to gain reputation so players can spend their time participating in the aspects of the game they enjoy.

Don't remove dailies, but make them optional as a way to gain reputation.
My suggestion on the revered to exalt part:
The double reputation thing stops functioning until your main toon is exalted with the faction, then it's applied to your alts again for revered part.


Oh I get it, this is a vermin joke, right?

...I love this. ♥

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