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I think this is a great improvement, especially effectively reducing the 21k rep from Revered to Exalted. I'm looking forward to doing some of the more obscure BC factions that have been neglected for a long time- the prospect now seems more fun than daunting!
An interesting afterthought. How about if one character unlocks shadow pan and celestial defenders, all characters have those factions unlocked too? I understand that system is in place to gatekeeper dailies so one isn't impulsed to grind ALL factions out from day 1. But say you have an alt who just wants a pattern off one of the gated factions and doesn't care about golden lotus, should that alt be restricted by same gate?
I'd say have an achievement unlock like the following:

Player reaches revered with 3-4 Pandaren factions. Gains a double rep bonus to all Pandaren rep factions.

Maybe there is another achievement when all Pandaren reps are maxed to exalted, the bonus gets boosted to 3-4x.

Not every alt is going to want a certain rep in the same order as your 'main' has. Running through a bunch with your 'main' and getting them to revered should give you the chance at any rep.

Playing an alt is usually to do something different to limit burnout, so it should allow a degree of freedom.

Just my thoughts on it.
This is a step in the right direction I suppose but it isn't exactly what I had hoped for. I had hoped we would see them go account wide as the mounts, titles, and pets did. When I play an alt, I play it for its abilites and how interesting or fresh it feels compared to another. I don't play it so I can remax a faction rep that wasn't fun the first time around.

The compromise solution as I see it is this. If you don't want to make reps account wide then at least have each unique faction thats exhalted count (as being account wide) to the overall highest rep achievement total for the account. For example. My Mage may have 45 unique. My Priest may have 2 unique. And My DK might have 2 unique. If the next achivement is 50 max reps then the account should be sitting at 49 maxxed toward that total instead of just each characters personal total.

Edit: Also the new change doesn't do a lot toward fixing the problem that newer players or new mains may have for going back to try to max out old raid reps so they can reach the higher reputation achievements.
So revered to exalted is effectively shorter than honored to revered now?
I like the double rep on alts thing, but speeding it up on the main too just seems weird
While I like the steps in the right direction (was not looking forward to doing the rep grinds on my alts in Pandaria), reputations should just be made account wide. At a minimum Wrath and below should be account wide, possibly Cataclysm and below if you're feeling generous. I can see not wanting to make Pandaria reputations account wide, but for older reps that are outdated, who is really going to go back and level them on an alt at this point? Even with the bonus?
10/04/2012 10:44 AMPosted by Omegal
I understand that system is in place to gatekeeper dailies so one isn't impulsed to grind ALL factions out from day 1.

Gatekeeper dailies have the opposite effect; making you hate the system because you have to do them before you can get to the factions you actually want. The check before was to limit the number of dailies you could do. That was far, far superior to what we have now, where you just feel more and more resent due to having to unlock the gatekeeper dailies to get to the important/fun stuff.

10/04/2012 10:44 AMPosted by Omegal
But say you have an alt who just wants a pattern off one of the gated factions and doesn't care about golden lotus, should that alt be restricted by same gate?

Yeah, pretty much, except it applies to mains too. Gatekeeper dailies is a terrible idea.
The alt portion of this change I completely understand and support. Grinding rep on alts has always been a pain and this is a nice compromise vs making rep account wide.

The revered to exalted change is a little more confusing. If the intent is to make it easier to get pre-Mists rep up to exalted, then I get it. It's old content being made a little easier and therefore more likely to get done.

But if this applies to the Mists reps, that's a little odd. Would seem to imply the exalted Mists grind has been deemed too hard one week after release. Or maybe it was designed with this in mind?
10/04/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Maigraith
So yes, I can choose not to rep grind, but I probably won't enjoy the game very much if I don't.

Not even just that so much as I enjoy spending VP on alts. I enjoy getting them fake epics from LFR/Valor and what-not. The current system is extremely broke, though. If I could play for 5-15 hours a day like I could back in school or on vacation, it'd be fine. But now, I play for 2-3 hours(That's going to bed late, as well.). I manage to do dailies and MAYBE do a single dungeon. Every day I say "I'm going to just skip dailies, so I can actually -play the game- today." but then I get home and the raider side of me kicks in and I don't want to skip them because I want to spend valor - I want to feel like there is an actual "Need" to get pre-raid BiS, or filler epics like Valor items.

I understand 4.3 -destroyed- guilds and communities because they didn't put a Halion type raid or anything in and all of us wanted to kill each other after a patch ran for 9 months, so this expansion is all about "Choice" and "Things to do" and "plenty of content".

No, there is -no- choice in this since ONLY dailies give the rep. The "things to do" are void because those with limited time can't do anything but dailies (I've been wanting to mess around with Pet Battles, but yea... If I wanna do dailies, and my daily heroic, my time is spent.).

In all honesty; 100% (Well maybe more like 70%) okay having to do these dailies on my main. At least there is an 'end'. But to sit there and expect me to do them on my alts as well? That's just completely stupid. Being "hard core" and "Min maxing" is not a synonym for "tons of time". I push progression, I push my characters to the limit, and I enjoy dedicating myself to the game.... but doing dailies. Every day. Without absolution, is not hard-core. Since I have seen a VERY small amount of people approving of this system, and most are the one who aren't even 85, or don't raid; Isn't it obvious the system needs to be re-worked from the ground up?
The change to reputation gain for alts sounds like a good one. I only have a few alts, and rep grinding on all of them is bad enough. I don't really get the change to double rep gain after Revered on your main, though. Why was this necessary? I just hit 90 yesterday, and I'm already Friendly and Honored with a few factions, and my reputation gain can only get faster from here. It's not like this is a horrible, game-breaking change, but I just don't see how reputation gaining was difficult enough to warrant this. Not to mention that it makes it take less time to get from Revered to Exalted than Honored to Revered, which is just awkward and feels very contrived and unnatural.
Still doesn't in any way address the fact you still have to do daily chores for rep, while in Cata you at least had a choice; and could do either dailies or dungeon running for rep (or both, but fixing it so you could do either without having to feel forced to do both is trivial).

Especially funny considering Blizzard said they wanted MoP to feel less grindy than Cata... And there's nothing more grindy to me than daily chores.

I agree with this sentiment. I appreciate the reduction in rep time that my 10+ alts will have to go through but I miss the option to don a tabard and earn rep while doing daily heroics.
You're still masking the rep issues. I'm still going to have to re-grind reps to purchase VP gear and other rewards on alts, it'll just be twice as fast now but still annoyingly required.

And I'm still not going to do that. Dailies aren't fun, they're required chores.

I really don't see why rep can't be shared.
hey blizz, how about you fix the existing problems with reputation rewards before introducing new features like this to the game?...

you know, like how you secretly removed the exalted defilers tabard several weeks ago and didn't tell anyone. which is stilling missing.

i wonder how many more 'hot fixes' and 'new features' will be implemented in an attempt to score points with new players before you take care of your existing customers by allowing them to get the rewards they worked very hard for.

So revered to exalted is effectively shorter than honored to revered now?
I like the double rep on alts thing, but speeding it up on the main too just seems weird

I have 0 issue with it. While rep grinds have been important to WoW, it should not take "forever".

Anyone ever tried to get exalted with WSG Rep ? Literally takes FOREVER. From Revered to Exalted needs approx 300 wins. or ~900 flag caps. I am glad I finally finished it off.

This will also make certain other reps bearable to grind . I swear, they can't make anyone happy, even with one of the best changes to ever be made to rep grinds.
Im really not getting this. So Honored to Revered on your main... 12000 rep. revered to exalted... 10500 rep, essentially? ... Just a bit confused why Revered step takes less time than exalted step.

I mean im all for this and all, yay less boring rep grinds. But isnt this seeming a bit wierd to anyone else?

Perhaps, douple the rep gains from unfriendly to revered. and standard rep grind from revered to exalted. or I dont know, boost the rep a bit for the dailies at revered, and delay this "boost for alts" until you get exalted with the main. I totally understand the "its dumb to push on exalted reps with an alt" thing... but maybe its dumbed down too much for mains?

I kind of like how the rep grinds are now, except for Golden Lotus... I cannot see for the life of me why you arent able to get 2-3k rep a day for GL. Klaxxi is decent, Cloud Dragon rep is decent, all the pre-panda reps are decently hard, but not too crazy (except like the obviously hard, like Ravenholdt)

I guess I just cannot understand why universally Revered to exalted is now a smaller time frame than Honored to Revered. it just seems a bit... weird.
Yet another slap in the face to those who worked hard for Insane in the Membrane or any other reputation-related achievement for that matter. First Shen'dralar, then Darkmoon Faire, then jp reputation turn-ins, then tabards that trivialize faction rep, all the world event buffs and the guild standards, now increased reputation gain past revered?

I think you've done enough to make gaining reputation easy, Blizzard. At some point, people need to buckle down and do what needs to be done. Making everything easier all the time just irritates folks like me and spoon-feeds everyone who doesn't want to put in the effort which will NOT result in an enjoyable experience. A sense of accomplishment is essential.

If there ever were reputation factions that needed this treatment, it'd be the PVP factions, yet you've stood your ground on those.

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