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10/04/2012 11:02 AMPosted by Concequence
And I'm still not going to do that. Dailies aren't fun, they're required chores.

Hate to sound like your parents. but GET A JOB...

No seriously... Chores were to teach you to earn the things you want. Just because you earned the money for a car, doesnt mean you can yell at the real estate dealer and tell them, DAMN I just spent the past 3 years paying off my car, and you want me to pay a house payment now?!

Your analogy is close; But incorrect. In this concept it would be like working for 3 years to get the money to buy a car, but then when you go to the car dealership, they say you need to own a house first. The issue with this system -is- for people with jobs. I have always done progression based raiding; I am well aware most hard-core people are stay@home-ers, or students for whatever personal reason. But the few of us who do work, especially in a career, know that these 'time-sinks' have the opposite effect if you can't dedicate many hours per character, per day, to doing something.

Relating dailies to dungeons isn't even close either - Running dungeons are engaging, fun, can change the way it's done. Doing the same-damn-daily-every-day is not even CLOSE to the same thing. The -one- nice thing is most of the dailies are shared loot. However, I still won't do them on my alt.

Which that -does- effect Blizzard. Because right now me not playing my alts is "fine". As long as we "pay the $15 a month" it doesn't change them. Except now instead of playing alts, we'll go do something else. And as with most addictions (Which an MMO is.) once you leave it for a bit, you'll start to realize you didn't enjoy it as much as you thought, until something new and shiny comes out. Which is what happens at the 3 month mark of every content patch ever.
I don't "need" it now, but for the Augest Celestial bag recipe, I first have to grind the rep on one toon(which I'm doing on two right now), THEN, I have to get on my alt and do another 10+ days of dailies to unlock the rep, then another 10+ dailies to get the bag. So I'm still stuck doing dailies 20+x on an -alt-.

A tabard lets me just run heroics and earn the rep.

And yes, I need 28 slot bags like yesterday. I have 3 toons that are NOTHING but bags, one of which holds nothing but BoA gear/items, + my own personal bank toon with a 5 bag bank.

Some of us like to farm over being stuck running dailies all day every day on alts. At least with a tabard I can work on rep while getting vp or enchanting mats at the same time rather then completing the same quest 1657893476 times for one silly item that I want simply because I want the pattern on an alt even though I've earned it already on a toon.
Great news for humans!
I also think the change from Revered to Exalted is wrong. As most of the new stuff you get at Exalted is vanity there seems no need to nerf it. It sounds like bad programming "if rep > revered then faction gains = 2x". As others have pointed out it makes it faster then honored to revered.

Another option is just a BOA tabard at exalted that you can send to alts that doubles rep gains or heck even acts like an old tabard so you can get rep from running dungeons.

Or make it a BOA book that "grants 21k" rep with the faction. There are a lot of different options without nerfing the current system. I always felt it was an accomplishment to get a faction to exalted, not something I needed to do but something to work on in my spare time.
I'm curious if this will apply to factions that you have previously hit Revered/Exalted with, but have since lost that standing. I grinded up Steamwheedle reps to Exalted before doing Bloodsail (yes, I know, it's "backwards", but I hadn't planned on doing it at all at first), so once this change goes through will I still get the 2x bonus if/when I try to get back to Exalted?
I love you so much right now.


I love the idea of improving the reputation system for alts, but this is taking a sledge hammer to it.

The irony of the proposed system is Honored 12K rep, Revered 21k rep, with the 2 x rep bonus to Exalted it would be 10.5k, so less rep than going from Honored to Revered., than from Friendly to Honored. Makes no sense.

A fair change would be when a toon reaches Exalted with a faction, alts get a 2 x bonus. Or you could add a bind to account tabard, available at Exalted, that allows you to gain rep for that faction from other methods.

In short the 2 x bonus for main once Revered is complete overkill.
I'd rather have an account-wide tabard as grinding dailies is still long, tedious, and boring.
10/04/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Crithto
The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted

Not to argue with a dog, but wouldn't it make more sense to just half the amount of rep you need from Revered to Exalted?

Because now it's like 3x easier to grind out exalted than Revered, since all the quests you get at revered give you additional rep..

The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted

What's the point of this? That makes exalted easier to ear than revered, since basically that halves the amount of rep required to get to exalted to 11K, compared with the 12K for revered.

The other changes are sensible, this one is not. =-/
So revered to exalted is effectively shorter than honored to revered now?
I like the double rep on alts thing, but speeding it up on the main too just seems weird

I have 0 issue with it. While rep grinds have been important to WoW, it should not take "forever".

Anyone ever tried to get exalted with WSG Rep ? Literally takes FOREVER. From Revered to Exalted needs approx 300 wins. or ~900 flag caps. I am glad I finally finished it off.

This will also make certain other reps bearable to grind . I swear, they can't make anyone happy, even with one of the best changes to ever be made to rep grinds.

Trust me I'm not complaining about it being faster. It just feels a little off that the rep levels are now essentially 3,000->6,000->12,000->10,500
Yeah the other problem is the gating in MoP.

I tolerated it before because there was no gating and you had freedom to choose on alts. The best was Wrath.

Hodir had turn-ins and the shoulder enchants were bop. The tailoring pattern was also there so I did it once on my tailor. Kaluak had a LW pattern so I did it on my LW and skipped it for others. This made it much more interesting and less tedious.

But then in Cata you added the patterns to Molten Front. While they were not gated, sort of, you have to do that same mind-numbing daily grind for every alt that needed it. Hence the method is horrible.

Now you combined the worst of everything into MoP.

Do you guys play your own game? It's not hard to understand if you did.

Wrath was really the best the game's ever been in terms of alt-friendliness. You could focus on playing the game instead of grinding to get the things needed to play the game.

I'm not sure why they decided that was a bad thing that needed to be changed. The less rewarding playing alts is, the quicker I'll become bored, and the more likely I'll be to go play something else until the next patch.

It's a bad business decision if nothing else.

Trust me I'm not complaining about it being faster. It just feels a little off that the rep levels are now essentially 3,000->6,000->12,000->10,500

It doesn't even seem like its been thought through properly. So sad, of all the things they could have done, we get this slap dash band-aid of a plan.
Great news! Less rep grinding is always a plus, especially for alts.
Thanks Blizz. I genuinely do not mind doing the grind at normal speed on my main. I think this is a fair compromise for alts while bypassing the tabard method. I'm glad that Blizz is trying new ideas. Taking those risks and trying new ideas not knowing what the community reaction will be is the only way to improve the game. I'm very pleased with how quickly Blizz has responded to community feedback so far in MOP.
I'm 100% behind the added rep gains to alts.

The double up on the main though? Kinda seems weird that it will be faster to get from Revered to Exalted than it will do get from Honored to Revered.

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