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Hello, I have several characters on Illidan, and have an old character on Twisting Nether. Wanted to put all my characters on Illidan, and the character transfer service says the character is eligible; however, whenever I click the "Continue to Payment" option, it gives me the red box with an X and "An error has occured" message. I have submitted a ticket, and two responses to the ticket in a row were typical Blizzard ticket responses (1 had nothing to do with the ticket, and the other the rep obviously didnt even read the ticket before giving it a cookie cutter response that didnt apply to the ticket)... So figured I would come here to see if I can get a little better customer service, either from the community or from a rep that has a better clue than a cut/paste document. My questions are:

1) Is Illidan on the no "Destination" realm transfer list (I cant seem to find this anywhere on the site.) and if so, can you please give me a link to the list please.

2) Is anyone else having this problem when trying to transfer a character? And if so, how do you get around the error?

I have tried to complete this transfer on 3 different systems and 2 seperate browsers on each system, the result is the same.
They're currently offering transfers off of Ilidan due to population issues. They probably aren't allowing new transfers in as well.
Considering the queue times on Illidan right now and the fact that they've offered free transfers off that realm to help with it, they may have closed transfers to that realm.

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