Brewmaster Self Healing Scaling

So far we've got Stone Guard and Feng down, both on 10man with myself offtanking and our DK maintanking. After looking over recount, I noticed a few things:

1) While offtanking Stone Guard, my own self heals accounted for over half of all my healing taken. This includes EH, Gift, Colossus procs, and Chi Waves. Specifically, since I was sitting off on my own, my Chi Wave bounces were completely used on me and provided a good bit of healing per use.

2) On our kill of Feng, I spent most of the fight without aggro (phase one I was the Nullification tank, and phase two/three our MT just got lucky with some avoidance strings). Seeing as I had nothing to do and the raid was looking a bit sickly, I ended up setting into a rotation of TP spam (or autoattacking), and Chi Wave -> Keg Smash to ensure I was always at max chi while weaving in Waves.

The results on Feng were staggering. With all the vengeance I had and the extra Chi I had to spend, I ended up pushing out 16k HPS. Meanwhile, our healers were hovering around 30-38k. I had Chi Wave healing crits for upwards of 150k per bounce while I had the boss' attention.

Has anyone else seen these types of results? Seeing such great "free" healing makes me value haste even more -- I would love to be able to weave in Chi Wave as often as possible while still ensuring decent Shuffle uptime and low Stagger.

Side question: About how high are you guys Purifying at? I've been ensuring to clear it any time it goes over 8-10k/tick (I believe this is right near the Light/Moderate border), and popping an extra one in there whenever my Shuffle looks stable enough.
Chi Wave is so underrated.

I love it.
how much damage are other people taking as brew tanks only fight I have for a comparison point so far is stone but I took 7% of the total damage other tanks were over 20% plus around 22k dps taken vs 40k for other 2 so is paladin really underpowered in mitigating damage or are monks just that good? Our other tank a druid was double tanking so I'm leaving him out though he was even with the paladin which is making me think paladin tanks may have issues with mitigating /shrug.

edit: Curious as to why you have offtank doing the barrier instead of the reversal since it can't be cast on self and that removes the stacking dots from possible reversals
Chi Wave is so underrated.

I love it.

Chi Wave kept one of my parties alive in Jade Serpent Temple when the healer got locked out on Sha. Topped off and saved a few people when the ret pally/enh shaman ran out of mana
I just hope they actually -fix- Chi Wave so it can be used in group play properly.

Having it bounce to an ally and then stop kinda ruins it.

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