WW monk sucks so much ah mah gawd

What?! A ww monk topping the DPS chart in pvp? IMPOSSIBRU!!!!
It's true my friend! SPREAD THE WORD!!!
I should take a screen shot every time I top the bg meters.
So you had 50 honorable kills and your team was dominating.. The runner-ups were getting completely squashed, only had 17 honorable kills, and still almost beat you in damage even though the odds were completely in your favor.
Been topping my bgs on the reg too. :)
Lol, I actually took a screen shot because no one believed you, Mistfallen. :P
4 Million in a BG shouldn't really be that big a deal. I can do that and still not top the chart.

DKs, S-priests. Some of them warlocks, a warrior with a good healer will easily get 12 to 16 million.

In complete epics, I would expect you to be pushing double digits in the millions.
I hear topping meters on aoe not in arenas or things that actually matter is a massive deal
I was afk fapping during this screen shot, so I didn't even bother trying with all my swag. Dem DK's with howling blast spam can't touch this. =))))
lol someone in full PvP gear getting top dmg in a BG ..... whoa hold the phone!

Unfortunately 90% of those other players gear is probably no where near as good as yours.
Looks about right. All the kids complaining are no skill / no gear.

Monks completely own. Our survivability is through the roof and our damage is insane if we can stick to a target for a couple of seconds.

People want to just burst someone down, I swear half of these monks are retired ret paladins.

i random wsg hero all day
65% of this game was spent running around with flags laughing as horde hopelessly tried to kill me
still topped charts

just noticed that hunters doubled the healing done of the pally below him
lf resto hunter
So you outgeared everyone, were playing on the dominating team, and spammed AoEs?

I spinning crane kick my way to top the meters yo!
Although it's hard to stick on some targets, yes, Monks have a nice way to go on PvP. It's not even close to easy, but if you manage it, damn your target's going to have a bad time to keep it up with you. I find specially funny to go aganist melee clases with Touch of Karma activated during their Burts.

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