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Hello everyone, I need help with my laptop I am having a rather odd issue with it, odd to me anyways. See what happens is it'll black screen on it, the computer it self will stay on, but the screen just goes black, sometimes it'll look like a graphical error with a lines coming down it, other times it just goes black. Perhaps its the graphics card? In which case, would it be cheaper to just replace it?

And, if its something non-repairable, I am stuck using my husbands desktop which doesn't run WoW very well, because his graphics card is out of date, if you could recommend a cheap graphics card that'd be awesome. Cheap meaning somewhere under, or near $200, we're not very well off I am afraid :/

Also, as a side note, the Laptop is a 2 year old Sony Vaio, I'll have to look at the specs to get the exact model of graphics card.
Sounds like GPU is done for. It's not repairable.

Graphics card that desktop PC can have depends largely on:

1. Case size (slim tower, or fat mid-tower?)

2. Power supply (how many watts max?)

3. CPU (if it's too old, like Pentium 4, new graphics card won't help too much)
The case is normal sized, I guess it'd be medium sized? Its a Dell Inspiron 531, processer is a AMD Athlon 64 2X Duel Core processer 5600+ 2.80ghz

he currently has a GeForce 6150SE inforce 430

I am not sure how to find out the power supply without opening the thing up.
CPU is very old. You will not see much of FPS improvements in cities and raids.

That said, the power supply and case could handle up to Radeon HD 7750, may be able to push up to Radeon HD 7770.
Thanks! I bookmarked the 7750, hopefully we'll be able to upgrade this machine soon, sad about my laptop though, it was a great computer.

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