Hello everyone, I'm not entirely sure this is where I should be putting this, seeing as how it *technically* gives you achievements.

Anyway, I know many people are going after the Lore scrolls for the Lorewalkers reputation, and I thought I would help. I made an album of maps for each of the Pandaren zones, including color-coded dots for each Lore Scroll that you can find for the Lorewalkers reputation.


Enjoy :)
I've already done it but these types of contributes are always helpful! I'll pass the link along to any friend who hasn't done it yet.

I had to use my mouse and coordinates to mine, heh.
Marry me.

No, seriously, this is awesome.
I know this is "late" but...I'm trying to get birthplace of Lui and it's "zoned out" how can I get it?
I'm having a really hard time finding Amber, it's the one by Kor'vess. I know you have to find a way into the tree or at least that's what the other guides are saying....But I just end up flying around in circles...
bumping for awesomeness.
great iput Mirumahyr. always need more people like this in the wow community.
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I've noticed when going through with alts that spots that my main discovered sometimes don't have the blue glow for my alts, but sometimes they do. This is even though the alt has never been to the area. Anybody else notice this?

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