Why they won't fix priests.

There is 1 priest in the top 100'ish healers for Mogo Vaults Stone guards 10m.

And I believe that's holy. I checked disc earlier and the top disc parse was like rank 871 overall on that fight.

Disc was never about HPS or overall healing tho... I mean, I could be wrong, but the reason that R.Druids top heals is because they have 0 mitigation. Disc is *mainly* mitigation, so this makes sense...

I'd be less concerned with "rankings" (remember the days pre-absorbs in recount?) and more concerned with "unviable," which sounds like the issue. :/

I have 0 interest in learning how to play Holy, and will just lvl my R.Shammy as an alt again instead if Disc is not raid-viable. (My main will ALWAYS be my druid. :P) I came to this forum because very much want to play Disc in a raiding environment (mainly 10m normals, as we're a casual guild), and needed to see if this was possible in MOP... But doesn't sound plausible at this moment? :(
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They need to ensure their new panda healers (mistweavers) have raiding spots. By eliminating one pve healer (priests), they ensure them raid slots.

I agree with this. Look around, tons of priests everywhere and seems to be the most popular class to level. I would hope Bliz would do something to encourage leveling and playing of other classes.
Although most of this is pissing and moaning, I do recognize one part of truth to this statement.

Monks will be intentionally OP so people roll them and get the population up.
People do reroll to be OP. Seen some class population charts reporting mages spiked by up to 5% of overall population when arcane was pulling big numbers during FL.

You saw the same trend happen when DKs came out. Everyone and their 2nd mother rolled one because they were insanely OP. Nerfs were very slowly applied, and the class leveled out when their lvl 80 population proportion did.
Except priests aer still suffering majorly and this pissing and moaning is because of it.
they aren't fixing us... why? because alot of the things being said in this forum isn't all accurately true. people just aren't doing it right and are complaining too early into the expansion. until all class is max "epic" gear out on pve and pvp will they answer the cries of Over-poweredness or underperformances. Sit back and just relax and try new things to better your class and spec, you'll be surprise.

1. why must people fight the meter and spam heals to gain the spot light only to go oom and when other classes have more mana to dispose or don't have oom problems complaints are made.

in cata you are not suppose to top anyone off (hp) in any given dungeon raid situation but to make sure they have safe passages to prevent deaths. the priest class was build on spirit just like resto druids back in bc while shamans and paladins were on mp5 (in-combat) so for us not to go oom and keep us from drinking so much we need to stop cast every sec and only heal as needed our mana regen comes from out of combat (5 sec later) so it's not wise to just spam heals to kill your mana. it's either a tanks fault or dps cause they should be also watching their hp and blowing cd's as needed to help you out or a dps who's pulling too much threat to waste your mana. we had this problem during cata so just let them die cause it's no longer a healers problem. play right move faster play wrong lot's of !@#$%ing so communicate or just leave group. airheads are not to be tolerated.
Please fix Disc priest

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