Simi-Hardcore Guild recruiting

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
We are currently seeking

1 Mage Or Ele shaman Dps.
2 Melee Dps
1 Healer

For 25 man content. Please be geared min of 425 Ilvl or there abouts
Exceptional players have room to breathe on this requirement.
We are friendly, and dont yell or scream in raids.
We use a main spec / Off Spec roll system for loot
We raid 4 nights a week at 7:30pm Eastern aus time.
Typically we raid Mon/wed/sunday But we tend to do raids also on wens for 10 mans.
We run
2 core 10 man groups
1 core 25 man
1 alt 10 man group a week.

Look me up or add me to friends

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