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Don't really understand these and WoWwiki or WoWhead doesn't explain very well. As a Prot Warrior, which should I choose? I'm getting quest rewards which are virtually identical in primary stats, but have one or the other of these. and I'm not sure which to wear and which to vendor.

Until you reach the level cap, your stats don't really matter. You'll replace your quest rewards a dozen times between now and 90.
The amount of Expertise and Hit you could ever possibly want depend entirely on the level of enemies you're fighting.

Hit reduces your chance to miss an enemy. Expertise reduces your chance to have them dodge up to a certain %, and then to parry.

NPCs of an equal level have 3% miss, 3% dodge, and 3% parry. They gain 1.5% of each for each level above your own. They can only parry from the front. So that's 7.5% miss, dodge, and parry for raid bosses (3 levels above cap), which is why all the guides you'll see use that number; guides are for raiding.

Say you're fighting a mob 1 level higher than you (since you're still leveling). Since you're prot, you're going to be in front of the mob, so parry is still a consideration. You'd need 4.5% Hit to knock misses off the combat table, and 9% Expertise to knock dodges and parries off (the first 4.5% for dodges, the other 4.5% for parries). Once you get to 90, if you're only going to face level 90 mobs, it'd be 3% and 6%. Against other players, there's no such thing as a cap, because players have varying amounts of parry and dodge.

Whether that's worthwhile or not is another matter. Hit and Expertise do three things for tanks in general: increase threat (entirely moot while solo), increase damage, and increase or smooth out resource generation. For prot warriors, the resource generation part of that is largely about smoothing it out. With Revenge procs from parries and dodges, and 10 rage from critical blocks, Mastery, Parry, and Dodge actually provide significant rage income, just not as predictably as Hit/Exp.

Mastery, meanwhile, increases your chance to block and to crit block. Note that the roll to determine if an attack is parried, dodged, or missed happens before the roll to determine if it's blocked, though. So if your Mastery gives you 25% block/crit block, you don't have a simple 25% chance to block; it's actually much less, because you only block attacks you don't parry/dodge/getmissedby. And you can only crit block attacks you block to begin with.

For raiding, the consensus (from theorycrafters I respect, anyway) right now is that prot warriors will want some Hit and Expertise, but we won't necessarily want to be capped. For anything below raiding, go with whatever feels best. Probably Hit/Exp caps for whatever you're up against, because never missing feels pretty good.
10/05/2012 05:53 AMPosted by Ratatoskr
the consensus (from theorycrafters I respect, anyway)

Do you respect Icy Veins for warrior stuff? I've been trying to follow them for a lot of my classes, but Warrior is always the one I feel least confident about.
10/05/2012 06:31 AMPosted by Harlan
the consensus (from theorycrafters I respect, anyway)

Do you respect Icy Veins for warrior stuff? I've been trying to follow them for a lot of my classes, but Warrior is always the one I feel least confident about.

For the most part. I haven't looked incredibly close, but they seem pretty good.

My only thing is that I think they're undervaluing Hit/Exp for protection a bit. Part of it is just seems to be wording/format. Their list of stat priorities put Hit/Exp on the bottom, but they do go into detail about why you'd want them as stats. It's tricky, because Hit/Exp are less valuable on purely physical fights (lots of parry/dodge/block), and more valuable on purely magical fights.

I'm mostly talking about folks on the warrior and tank forums here, and there's no consolidated guide for prot yet; it's just a bunch of posts here and there in random threads. The guide I'll be taking as scripture will be Ethica & Lowmaine's, whenever that gets finished & posted.

I also haven't stepped into raids at all yet, and only a few dungeons, haven't bothered reforging, etc. So it's mostly what I think is going to be the case.

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