Getting Less DPS on Target Dummy as BM

Heya, so I know BM is ahead of survival right now a little in terms of single target DPS, so I have been wanting to get BM down in order to switch to it for single target fights. As survival on the raider's dummy I do around 40k unbuffed, fully hit/expertise capped, ~16% crit. As BM, I struggle to hit 30k. There is no way I am butchering the rotation in a way that would result in a 10k DPS loss, I have looked everything over so many times and gone back and forth between fervor, dire beast, and thrill of the hunter, yet still cant seem to get even close to my survival single target DPS. What's the deal, is it purely a buff scaling issue, where BM only outperforms SV when fully raid buffed?

Skill Priority:

Keep Serpent Sting Up
Kill Command
Glaive Toss
Arcane Shot
Cobra Shot when low focus and to keep SS up

Focus Fire at 5 Frenzy Stacks
Dire Beast, Stampede, Beastial Wrath (only use when pet at 5 frenzy stacks), Lynx Rush
Rapid Fire (Dont stack with Beastial Wrath)

If you look at my gear it might not show hit capped due to swapping out different gear for heroics, but on the target dummy I was capped.
The first issue that comes to mind is the armor of the dummies. They have high armor, IIRC, and that would hurt BM due to the high amount of pet damage. And, it's like I've said in many threads, play what feels right. I'm SV because it's decent and I am comfortable with it.

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