Help Xiun Choose.

So I'm torn right now.

I love my panda girl, she's super adorable, but I feel like I look like way too much of a goof.

Now I'm torn between:

-Male Human

-Female Human

-Female Night elf.

-Stay a panda.

It's impossible for me to care less about racials.

Help this baddy mage out.

EDIT: I'm not going undead, i can't, has to be alliance.
Ewww Panda
Id go Female Nelf, cuz you NEVER see lady nelf mages. and shadowmeld is pretty neat and probably pretty useful in pvp.
I like the female Human casting animations and feel they are nice and smooth and it flows well. Human male is odd and you're a girl irl so thats odd

Female night elf is fun too though

Although the answer to all your issues

Evermorph / Tmorph

there ya go
10/04/2012 11:43 PMPosted by Pyrokinz
male is odd and you're a girl irl so thats odd

I don't see why, considering I played a male undead for like 3 years.

10/04/2012 11:43 PMPosted by Pyrokinz
Evermorph / Tmorph

True, but it doesn't work on forum avatar.
go in game and

1. Human male

2. Human female

3. male NE

4. female NE

5. panda

and do /roll(1-5)


What number u get is what u should be:P


pay for a race change and at the loading screen close your eyes and put ur finger on the screenr andomly and that is what u pick:D

doing the second method is better done on the line and not thinking means ur sub concious picks for u aka which one that u like the look of best is where u end up for race then the sex:)
The first method is well if you are abit ofa gambler and liek to just luck it out.

Because TBH with u right now pandas and NE racials are just as strong as human racial in pvp because no OMFG awsome pve trinkits just yet to abuse:)
Were you not a panda before? If not, then why did you change to Panda?

If you are the type that likes to swap race around quite often, then perhaps you may want to consider levelling another mage of different race :-P

saves you $$ imo

Personally, I'd go female human because I like their casting animation the best. Also, their pvp trinket racial is neat. And expertise now counts as hit as well, so if you could find magical swords, then it's another extra bonus. Unless things were changed again so the expertise bonus does not affect spells.
I'm in love with pandas, and if I had the money, I'd go panda... And Alliance.
I like the panda casting animations but gear looks awful on them and I feel way too "goofy"

Pretty sure im just going to go back human.

Still in debate on male/female though :[
Female humans are really the only ones you listed that don't look ridiculous. THat trinket for pvp is pretty sick, and the rep bonus....

But gnomes #1
10/05/2012 12:57 AMPosted by Xiun
Still in debate on male/female though :[

Until they update the models, go female. Their casting animations are better. That said, if you don't want to look like a streetwalker, a human male is always solid. Most gear looks good on them.
Undead is the only correct answer.

Female human is the less-awful choice for alliance.
So why does it have to be alliance?
Posted by Pyrokinzmale is odd and you're a girl irl so thats odd

10/04/2012 11:47 PMPosted by Xiun
I don't see why, considering I played a male undead for like 3 years.

Xiun, you shall forever remain an undead man in my heart, no matter how goofy your avatar looks now!
since you mentioned that forum avatar matters, I might point out that the human female mage casting pose is absolutely terrible and makes even good xmogs look terrible. Same for Blood Elf females.
If alliance, why not roll cutie-pie? (female gnome). Plus escape artist is kinda cool.

Hijack - I am thinking of changing mains, to a healer. It is difficult for me to get arena teams / RBG spots, when there are so many better mages available. Not that I blame anyone, I would pick the more experienced mage over me too.

But healers are always in demand, and fun as hell.

I am going to finish leveling my Hpal, and treat her as my main. Holding on to the disc priest, hoping they get buffed soon.

So Xiun & JK: should I bring my new main over to ally and PS? Or stay horde? Will you guys mostly be playing on your mains this season?
gotta say, the most OP racial in Mists has to be Diplomacy

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