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I get the idea of making a particular pet difficult to get. I understand the horribly long spawn times. I understand having only two or three spawning at a given time. It makes the pet more prized, makes us waste time, pay another month sub, etc. It's all fine, of course.

Those of us who are into pet collecting know how difficult it is to get a Minfernal or a Giraffe Calf, to name just two examples. It takes hours, days, sometimes weeks of religious camping in Feralas or frantic rushing across Southern Barrens before we even get a chance to see one. Then there's the whole CRZ competition, and people getting there just a fraction of a second ahead of you. That's fine, too, that is how the game works.

However, when - after all the time and effort put into it - you finally do get your precious pet and it turns out to be a poor quality one... it just seems like a really painful kick in the butt, doesn't it?

So please, make those really hard to get ones a guaranteed uncommon quality. I'm not asking for a rare quality, that should always be something you work hard for, but uncommon sounds perfectly reasonable considering the circumstances.
10/05/2012 12:52 AMPosted by Stephanie
If it isn't Rare quality, it's not worth using in Pet Battles anyway

I do not really use them in Pet Battles, My team is Frosty, the new CE Quillen and the Azura Drake. Only reason I hunt for Rares is to catch. Their like the Shiny Pokemon.
10/05/2012 12:46 AMPosted by Talagand
Oh Lord, some people really will complain about anything.

Mhm, and you complaining about me complaining fit perfectly into that category.

Welcome aboard!
Actually i've discovered the rarity level is based on the stats.
Capture a bunch of the same type animals and they'll have differint rarities.
Hope i helped :D
10/05/2012 12:55 AMPosted by Zeezoo
and you complaining about me complaining

worst retort ever.
I think they are adding a way to upgrade pets in the next patch. I hate the greys too.
And here it is:


Pet Battles Improvements
Several UI and other improvements will be added to the Pet Battles system, including a way to upgrade the rarity of pets that you’ve captured.
This is almost word for word a post that was made a week or so ago - sigh.
10/08/2012 02:07 AMPosted by Talagand

Mhm, and you complaining about me complaining fit perfectly into that category.

Welcome aboard!

Was I complaining? You must not have quoted that part.

It was really intended to be more of a head-shaking sigh of disappointment. I rarely complain.

Is there a reason you're posting then? Blizzard knows it's a problem and is addressing it in 5.1. Why the attitude? Do you even understand the complaint?
The thing about some rare spawn pets, like the Minfernal, Scourged Whelpling, Flayer Youngling, etc., is that there is absolutely nothing to do as you wait for them to pop up. If there is a condition to satisfy for their spawning, for example the weather for Silithid Hatchling, then I can understand it, you can check back periodically for sandstorms. But just waiting around for hours upon hours for a pet to spawn with potentially nothing to show for it is discouraging, it is not fun. By this point in the lifetime of WOW I would have thought they could design a way to get things like pets that is other than mindless waiting. Why not make something to work towards? For example, if you had to kill a thousand Infernals in Felwood to get a Minfernal to spawn, at least you would know what had to be done and you could work towards it.

I also feel your pain about CRZ, it is disheartening to "compete" against a sea of faceless strangers who quite frankly feel like bandits from other servers.
I agree, I wonder if its possible for us to get some goggles or something to allow us to see battle pets on our home realm? I have some alts camped at rare spawn spots and when i login or take flight path from another zone i see some up, but after a second they all phase out....
I posted something like this but a different angle. Keep in mind that a key feature of WOW that innovated beyond Everquest was that they listened to Diabloii beta testers and implemented a MMORPG with seamless zoning and personalized dungeons aka. INSTANCES to fix camping. This issue IMHO is a mistaken re-implementation of camping.

With camping key pets growing, getting a Minfernal is just not-fun. Making the rare spawns blue would help somewhat with camping....

However, how about a different angle? What about rare spawns being "instanced" so camping doesn't get out of hand. If you are there at the right place and right time you should get to battle a few - and maybe find a blue.

So if you are on Jaguero isle when it rains, you will get to pet battle battle pets (apes) only you see...even if there were 20 other campers...
It's not just the rare spawn pets.

I was able to acquire the pattern for the Sapphire Cub. Then I had to work at farming (in the end, literally farming... on a farm) the Motes of Harmony to craft it.

I craft it. I learn it. It's POOR QUALITY?! WUT?!

I actually wanted to Pet Battle with my cub, level it up and 'diversify' my team a bit.
11/14/2012 08:33 PMPosted by Xreonk
So if you are on Jaguero isle when it rains, you will get to pet battle battle pets (apes) only you see...even if there were 20 other campers...

I caught myself a Baby Ape.

Guess what?

He was Poor quality.
I agree totally. As a matter of fact I was saying the exact same thing. It took me about a week to spot a Minifernal. It was the only one that spawned and it was poor. Since then I have been camping that spot for about 3 weeks day, night, different servers, etc. and have yet to see another. The good thing though, is that with this patch Blizz has offered us an opportunity to by a stone at Shado Pan with our Justice Points that will allow us to bring one pet to Uncommon. Also, in the past few days as I level my pets, I have received two more stones that has allowed me to make one specific pet from whatever class I leveled, (for example, if I just leveled an aqautic to 25, then I would get a reward allowing me to use the stone on one aquatic pet to make it rare quality). This I believe will solve a lot of those camping and killing and being killed only to find it is a less than quality pet. :)

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