Fist Weapons

Fist weapons should be shown at all times on a Monk.
Agreed, fist weapons should be shown at all times. They are after all -fist- weapons. What could be more fitting? I would however settle for them showing when I jab like all of the other weapons I can use. Its quite silly that they don't.
I don't ask for much. All I want to do is hit people in the face with these equipped.

10/05/2012 09:00 AMPosted by Plutosmoon
Meanwhile polearms have about 2 good models and very few staves look fit for combat.

Pretty much. ost high end staves look like they would shatter if they made contact with an enemy skull, and aside from a few scattered models, most polearms look rather cumbersome to be stabbing an enemy with.

Fist weapons are undoubtedly the future of this class. (And I'd love to have mine visible at all times)
Was going to make a thread about this. I am happy someone else is in concurrence with me. It really disappointed me when I am using 2 fist weapons, and I can't atleast see them used with the punches. They are after all, FIST weapons.

I would rather enjoy atleast having the option to see my fist weapons used in auto attacking and what not.
At least your spec has fist weapons. I am MW and I wish I could have healing fist weapons. It's sad that the only thing in pvp I can use is a 1h mace or staff when my class can also use 1h swords, 1h axe, polearms, and fist weapons.

I think it's a sad oversight.
Until this is fixed, I'll be sporting a pair of swords with glyph of jab.
I would like to ask -WHY- is it that equipping fist weapons on a monk results in you not appearing as using a weapon AT ALL?

Some people would rather like the idea of equipping fist weapons as a monk. I mean c'mon, it's a monk. You have Glyph of Jab to hide every OTHER weapon, why not just roll fist weapons into that? Why FORCE them to never be shown; ever? Hell you could even make a minor glyph to REVEAL the fist weapons.

Just want to point out that Glyph of Jab does not hide your weapons.

They are still there floating on your back, they just aren't used in battle.

What I would like is a Glyph of Hidden Weapon which replaces Glyph of jab, all weapons are hidden. And fist weapons should be visible at all times while in combat, unless Glyph of Hidden Weapon is being used.
10/05/2012 12:34 PMPosted by Trollinthndr
Maybe Blizzard will listen for once.

they do

but it usually takes about 7 years

speaking from shaman experience

10/06/2012 12:49 PMPosted by Chåmpoo
Fist weapons should be shown at all times on a Monk.

They are still punching things when they use fist weapons. No reason not to show them.
I'm not sure who would disagree to this, because if you dont want to show your weapons in any case, you can just glyph it. Plus I think it would be bad !@# to have some cool looking weapons matter to a monk because as of right now x-mogging weapons has little to no reason or effect.

As someone posted, you can see fist weapons on off hand, so in my opinion its a bug that they don't show up in combat on main hand.

But we are probably never going to get this fixed, pretty sad to see the class of the expansion looking like its on beta 3 weeks after release.
Fist weapons should absolutely be seen at all times while in combat. Thats the whole point.
This is the single biggest problem with monk right now(imo of course). Since WoW monks are based of China’s Shaolin monks, it also makes no sense to limiting weapon restrictions since they train with many different kind of weapons.
I was about to post complaining about this as well, good thing I looked for other similar threads fist.

It really is a travesty how fist weapons don't get shown at all on monks; we're freaking punching damn things all the time, so why won't they even show with Jab? Let alone the attack animations that should show them as you're wearing the bloody things on your hands. As much as I like fist weapons, even I half want to go back to swords or other ones since at least you then see the dang models...
The worst part is that we don't really have an option about showing or not showing our weapons, as we get higher in gear (at least for PvE). All three of the epic 1h agility weapons that are ilevel 476 or higher are fist weapons (the one from heroic SPM, the one from MSV and the one from HoF). Even if we wanted to use something else, we have no choice in the matter (other than using a staff/polearm despite it not being as effective).

I would prefer fist weapons to show on all attacks because it makes zero sense that my character would punch someone with a bare fist rather than a giant spinning buzzsaw of death. Considering how fist weapons must be attached to our hands how the hell do we even remove them when we're not jabbing, anyway? It sort of makes sense with axes/maces/swords/staves/polearms, but with fists it makes no sense.
10/05/2012 12:34 PMPosted by Trollinthndr
Maybe Blizzard will listen for once.

they do

but it usually takes about 7 years

speaking from shaman experience

And when they do, it's often in the form of shiny new icons. :P
I like my bare fists. I don't wanna see my weapons, but that's just me.

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