Tiger's eye Brew and Spinning Fire Blossom

Alright well I know there are a lot of problems going on with monk PvP right now, but I wanna focus on something that bothers me a lot and i don't know if it bothers anyone else. Before i start, i want to point out that my monk is only 70 but I do PvP everytime i see Alliance >:) ... Anyway, because BoK does so little damage and requires 2 chi, i rarely use it. My Spinning fire Blossom requires 1 chi and does way more damage. Well my point is whenever i'm fighting hunter's or casters for example, my spinning fire blossoms don't count towards my tiger's eye brew, which sucks because i use it a lot... Don't know if its intentional or a bug. Anyone else feel like it should add to tiger's eye?
Keep leveling by about level 85 BoK becomes alot better and fire blossom will only be used to root, so your problem is not relavent because low level pvp dosnt matter to blizz or anyone else.
Fire blossom is still the highest damage / chi at level 90 excluding rising sun kick.

It should be adding to tigereye brew I'll look into that.

So I just tested it a bit. It definitely gives tigereye brew.... but it doesn't cost Chi when it misses? What is this?
hmm really? that's weird because i swear it doesn't add it for me. and wow i have the minor glyph so if it misses it still costs chi... this is some weird stuff. and thanks Jisoon, i'm looking forward to that
Yeah ever since my monk got Spinning Fire Blossom, I've been using that instead of the usual rotation. It's a DPS decrease to use anything, but a huge increase if I spam Jab and Spinning Fire Blossom. I'm not complaining for the extra dps increase, but talk about breaking down a fight and a class.

It isn't as fun anymore, ever since I've been forced to spam Jab and SFB... and yes forced, because without it (even though i know for a fact im using the right rotation), id be at the bottom of the dps barrel
a fun rotation to kill some enemies in pvp is (with full chi) use SFB until empty, Expel harm, 2 more times, then SFB again. at low levels it destroys rogues

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