I'm Losing Hit Chance in Challenge Modes

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I really like the idea of a preset challenge mode gear set for all players of a particular class/spec. You walk in and, bam, you are wearing the exact same gear that every other player is wearing. Your bags empty except a few predetermined consumables and away you go. Makes the whole thing truly competitive.

Also should save Blizz some headaches with certain item gimmicks being OP along with these stat weight issues.

If Blizz is really set on letting people keep their items, then make a second "Unlimited" bracket and people get all their gear, consumables without restriction.
I think the best solution would be (as suggested earlier in the thread) to just create a 'set' of gear for each class/spec which would then be equipped when entering the challenge dungeon. You could even have the character screen dimmed-out with some sort of warning that the gear shown there is challenge gear to make it really user-friendly, prevent people from equipping or removing gear during the run as well.
This whole scaling idea, while nice in theory doesn't really add much to the experience and if anything favours players who go and hunt down obscure we-itemized gear with abnormal amounts of sockets or stats which may not have been designed to be scaled - when the idea of the challenge modes as I understand is a test of skill and player ability.
Another point in this line of thinking - having these item sets "set in stone" would encourage people to run challenges with alts who may not have the variety of equipment available to them as a main character.
10/09/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Zarhym
I know this thread’s a few days old now, but I’d like to clarify the cause for concern here so others are aware. Balkoth, we were able to track down a bug pertaining to item scaling in Challenge Modes, but it’s not related solely to classes that use a spirit -> hit conversion.

What you’re noticing is a bug specifically involving reforging. If you reforge out of crit/haste/mastery INTO hit or expertise, then when the crit/haste/mastery gets scaled down, you also lose a percentage of the reforged hit/expertise. So, it's not a class or spec issue -- it affects all players who have reforged into hit/spirit equally.

Given the way stat scaling and reforging mechanics work, this is kind of a tricky issue to fix, but we’re looking into it.

Still seeing this issue in 2014 = /
To optimise i've had to leave most of my natural occuring hit as hit. To remain at 15% while scaled down.
Apologies about necro but didn't know if it was worse to start new threads about 'known' issues.
Edit: Easy player fix is just using reforgelite with a reforge mount inside proving grounds/Challenge Modes.

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