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Emerald Dream
It was another late summer sunrise, climbing over the Great Divide in the Southern Barrens, where Clan Lord Kilrok Gorehammer stood atop Hunters Hill, as he does every day, monitoring the valley below; ever watching, ever vigilant. On this particular morning, he was joined by Warlord Sovnya.

Tell me again my Lord, how we lost Honor’s Stand.”

Turning to peer into her eyes, Kilrok said, “You know this story better than any man walking and breathing, child. Tell me why?”

Because, I want it straight in my memory, when I leave here today; I intend to set it right.”
With a soft bereaved sigh, Kilrok went on, “It was a clear ruse; the Alliance forces streamed out of Northwatch and marched up the gold road, besieging Crossroads as dusk fell. Then, in the heart of the night, they force-marched southward, leaving their campfires burning behind. Our meager forces at Honor’s Stand were caught unawares as the Alliance poured through as dawn’s first light. Many of our bravest warriors fell before their blades." Kilrok shot a glance towards Sovnya, he wanted to see, “Your mother was among the lost.”

Swallowing, as if to stifle, “This was before the Cataclysm?” She asked.

Yes. We regrouped east of the pass and prepared a counter-attack, but the next day, the skies reddened and the land was cleaved in two, as easily as a child might split a cactus apple. See how the devastation stretches from horizon to horizon?”

Sovnya kept her eyes set upon Lord Kilrok. She had seen the tear in the earth everyday these past two years.

Our Alliance foes in their makeshift bunkers were as surprised and disorganized as we were by the disaster. It would’ve been the perfect time to strike! But Warlord Gar’dul insisted we pull back to the south to refortify."

Kilrok spits on the ground, as if to void a bad taste in his mouth.

Not all of us followed. I stood toe-to-toe with demons in the last war girl. I’m not about to turn tail and let the Alliance plant roots on my soil.”

Now, Sovnya couldn’t help but look out over the valley, and asked, “You and the survivors stayed behind to fight.

To fight, yes. To die? Likely. But we will give no ground. We are outnumbered. Our armor is patchwork and our weapons are scavenged. This is our land! Our Tauren allies know every hidden trail, crevice and pass through these hills. We descend from the high ground where they least expect us, and then disappear into the terrain like phantoms. Fear is our weapon, and we will strike at them unceasingly.”

Sovnya drew breath and slowly exhaled, “I will leave this hill this morning and the first thing I intend to do is set straight Warlord Gar’dul. For too long he has coward behind his walls at Desolation Hold.”

From there, I intend to venture outside this region, to gather a new army, to add to the clans numbers. We can no longer concern ourselves solely with this small portion of land. I can feel a change coming and I do not intend for us to be caught up in this change, like we were in the last.”

Kilrok shifted his stance, paused briefly his scan over the valley below and turned to his daughter, “Your mothers axe will serve you well, for a time. But make sure you find a suitable replacement as soon as you can. You’ll want to pass that along to your own child one day.”

I will…”

Kilrok turned away abruptly, to resume his scan of the valley, “Go, with honor.”

Sovnya turned and made her way to her lean-to, saying softly, “May you live long, father.”

((Clan Gorehammer is a lite to medium RP guild of the Horde faction. We accept all classes and races, and any level of player, whether experienced or new to the game. Currently, we have 4GB Tabs and our website can be found at www.clangorehammer.webs.com

Our main focus at this time is to make new friends in the community, to have fun and possibly one day join the ranks of the Dread Horde. Most importantly, we are to enjoy ourselves.

While it is not mandatory that all members participate, griefing any player or group that is conducting role playing exercises is frowned upon and will result in a clan members dismissal. Our guild by-laws are adapted from the popular Dragonmaw Vanguard (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery) and enforced.

We are seeking a foe, an Alliance guild, which is willing to claim Honor’s Stand as their base of operations for some RP-PvP action in the Southern Barrens. Any group willing to undertake this opportunity need only reply here to this thread or contact me in-game at Sovnya#1664.))
Great bunch of people!))

P.S: we are looking for new members so if you're looking for a awesome new home just ask one of us!))

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