lf a glad push team. my server is dead.

long awaited expansion got the gear basically and now i need partners.
is any bm hunters or warriors in need of a rdruid that can push glad. I will xfer.
My server is extremely dead there is 1 other person to play with on my server.
I will be playing rdruid although i can play boom as well.
10/05/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Owlgore
is any bm hunters or warriors in need of a rdruid

<-- Warrior lookin for 3s partners. I am behind on the leveling/gear but should get 90 and grind out honor gear this weekend to dive into arena. Let me know if interested.
10/05/2012 01:53 PMPosted by Lupacob

Whats the difference?

BM and Warriors are just the new Mages and Rogues.

Just because you're not used to seeing them at the top doesn't mean there is some ungodly imbalance. They moved the bottom classes up to the top and cleared the way for them.
well i need people ready to go with another partner as I will be ready to go today. Im looking for that.
looking for people that are 2400+ experianced. I am a very experianced pvpr and want to push for glad or rank 1.
Glad to see you back Squirrelnut, you disappeared for awhile...
Quit entirely for bout 6 months, back to check-out the MoP action for a bit :)

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