Relayin info as request by blizz

First off would like to say at 90 i've had about 150 arena matches thus far. Rogues are fun, i like the idea of w here blizz has gone but we need slight tweaks as everybody knows.

Anyways right to it. our level 90 talents all need to be baseline. Combo points have to stack on top of us or versatility needs to be given to us because its mandatory to play sub decently in arena. Example, stack combo points on current target, redirect to healer, kidney shot, back to dps target. I find too many CP's go to waste, stacking them on the rogues is hands down the best solution for us, but at the very least versatility needs to be baseline.

Shuriken toss is once again another ability that needs to be given to rogues. it allows us to kite, and not be kited, or just build up CPs on our way to our target. This allows us to be efficient at all times which we are currently lacking due to our mobility issues.

Eviserate NEEDS to either refresh rupture, or SND. We have too many abilities to cycle, something has got to give. Its too hard to maintain a decent amount of damage, while actually peeling, ccing, or trying to stay alive, we have to constantly cycle 6 finishers(kidney,evis,rupture,recoup,snd, and even crimson tempest on occasion), all of which have to be refreshed with the building up of combo points. Also costs us energy to stay alive via feint which once again takes from our dps.

Damage is low, which is obvious, but not that far off. I'd say a 10% increase across the board, or possibly make prey on the weak baseline so at least all specs can benefit from this talent, without having to give up dirty tricks to take it. If your playing sub dirty tricks is a must and you can't give it up, otherwise i'd like to see our bleeds buffed as sub. want to force us to bleed first and eviserate second, then put some dps behind the bleeds, at least 10% more.

Cheapshot, kidneyshot need to get off the same DR. Its outdated now, mages can deepfreeze/RoF again every 1.5 min (instantly if u take pom every 30s its castable tho) instead of every 3 min like you could in cata whne it was "op" and everybody cried about it. Cheapshot/kidney not sharing DR's means more time for us on our targets which could be a good alternative to all around helping out slightly with damage issues and Energy regen.

Mobility is clearly a huge issue for rogues ATM. IM biased i take burst of speed, its done wonders for me and keeps me outta trouble, and prevents me from being kited most of the time as long as SND Is up. gonna be shattered? nope burst outta novas is a beautiful thing, and being able to kite and spam shurikens for combo points to get ur snd and recoup back to max duration without having to take dmg in melee range is a beautiful thing. Which hence once again resorts back to shuriken and versatility needing to be baseline.
Burst needs to cost at max 40 energy , and shadowstep should have a 20 sec CD and useable while rooted like old times. Still make people pick but make them both worth while not making them OP.

Vanish needs to be a 1.5 min CD, or we need to have prep as a baseline talent. something has gotta be done about this, we only have 1 every 3 minutes which isn't enough for us to do what we need to do as a utility class.

Somebody mentioned a glyph of ambush that increases chance to crit with ambush by 60% when using shadowdance, great idea IMO.

I dont think rogues Need much, i think we have everything we need we just can't get it all, and certain things need tweaking. By no means do i think there is anything wrong with subs playstyle, i find it amazingly fun, other then the lack of damage.
Good Job very nice post i agree.
I agree wholeheartedly. It's time for blizzard to some ACTUAL thought in reworking rogues. Their design feels outdated compared to the rest of the classes whom have received quite a bit of reworks. Paladins, Warriors, Hunters, Warlocks, Priest and Druids. EVEN SHAMANS got some love! I was hoping for some actual change come mist. I'm disappointed so far.

All of which Ayame has stated is very true. Hunter's have Readiness as a baseline ability. Why don't we get prep as baseline? Every time i look at my talents i think to myself and WAY back when we first got it. "Why isn't shadowstep baseline?"
I agree with everything said. I've played this class for 6 years and the current state of the game has never had me this disappointed. Not just that our class feels weak, it feels extremely weak when compared to other classes.
i agree with every thing you said
But i don't believe that Blizz 'll read this post
these problems are easy to understand
how they do not realize!

Shadow step should have 15 seconds cooldow too:)

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