iLvL for LFR Should Be 450

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10/05/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Daddyplease
It's not like you're going to gem or enchant it, so you could at least put in the minimal effort to run easy-!@# heroic instances to get it.

perhaps you missed the point i made in OP about how most of us are burnt out on our mains...

but maybe i cant read....

or maybe you cant...

I actually didn't even look at your gear. Anyone who would cry about having to farm up a set of gear from the heroics we have right now isn't the type of bro who is going to enchant or gem their stuff.

If you're so burnt out on your main after what, a week? then I suggest you look into another hobby for a longer period of time until you can stomach this one again.

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