Possible Recruit a Friend Scam in Email

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Just recieved a email from newsletter@email2.blizzard.com with a link promoting recruit a friend and earn the X-53 touring rocket, looked very official and the exact add that blizzard used to send. From what I've read the X-53 is no longer available through the program. My other emails from Blizzard for Mists of Pandaria is newsletter@email.blizzard.com. Email was sent to me Oct 3 2012.
You're correct that the X-53 promotion has ended, and is no longer available, however there was recently a bug with Blizzard's system that caused the X-53 email to be sent out instead of the correct email.

The only way to know for sure if it was a phish or just a bugged email from Blizzard is to check the email headers. You can find instructions for doing so here:
Specifically the section on Spoofing Email Addresses.
Hey thanks for the info Sakana. I already deleted the message just to be safe but its good to know how to check it for now and on.

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