Golden Pagoda Quest Phasing Problem

I was wondering if anyone had this problem or if I am just that lucky/unlucky. I started the quest chain that unlocks the dailies in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I died doing it and when I ressed I was in a completely different phase. The quest line Killing the Quilien (where you kill the stone guardians) was completely gone. No stone guardians, instead its the mogu you kill for the dailies. Which haven't unlocked for me because I havent completed the quest line. I abandoned the quest and then there was nothing for me at the Golden Pagoda. Today the quest was there and I accepted, but I am still phased wrong. I submitted a ticket, I am just curious if anyone else has seen anything like this.
Did u find out.. I did the same thing and now
Me too and this is a BIG issue for me cuz i grinded from 1-600 archeology and i cant even talk to the archeology guy in vale because im phased, and i cant get to mistfall village to farm cuz i cant do the darn quest.

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