Does anyone else think the poop coloured colossus you turn into is kind of lame. Would rather a different colour scheme. Perhaps a custom model, like a big stone dwarf guy like it shows as the icon. Suggestions?
Become a fat ugly dwarf? Gross...
10/05/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Kulso
Become a fat ugly dwarf? Gross...

Says a blood elf warrior.
I don't turn into a colossus, I turn into a black dwarf :(
Why can't we turn into a big Goblin with a spear through our nose? Why does it have to be a dwarf??

jk - I do agree the graphics are a bit disappointing. On that note though, if we turn into something really cool, two things will happen:

1. Everyone will recognize us at a distance and focus on us
2. Everyone will say the animation is OP and demand they nerf every single warrior ability

So, I think I like the idea of being just a little different and not too obvious.
It either has to be something universal like the Ascendance form for Shamans. That's really universal for them, they just recolor it because of specs. It makes sense for them.

Avatar is just a size and strength increase if you follow the ability. if you want it to change your model, it has to be something universal for us, and changing us to a giant dwarf would just do nothing for the actual dwarf warriors. Goblin? Same thing.

It's fine as is, it does what its history has done. True the color does like questionable, but it really is fine as it is. If you don't like it, get glyph of victory rush to make you bigger, get some darkmoon elixirs to make you bigger, get some fish feasts that make you bigger, and then find someone to bloodlust.

And THEN you'll enjoy the graphic change. Because I sure as hell do for that purpose alone.
I actually would have loved if they did something similar to Diablo III's Berserker Buff that the Barbarians used. Now THAT would be awesome!
10/05/2012 06:18 PMPosted by Steamwhistlë
Become a fat ugly dwarf? Gross...

Says a blood elf warrior.
You jelly fatty?
im not a druid

i dont want to turn into things

yea , the reason i stopped playing druid because i look like a friggin lvl 10.
I agree, when I got the talent, I did not like the effects on it. I thought at first I was hit by something. On a gnome nothing really seemed different size wise. It was not the COLLOSUS I thought was to be. Be a new form would be nice.
I'd rather be discreet when avataring. Stormbolt is just a glorified heroic throw and bloodbath is a DoT. There's no need for them to be discreet so thet can be flashy, unless I'm missing something?

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