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Earthen Ring
Has it been one of THOSE days? Boss nagging you all day? Term paper due? Final exams creeping up? Big account stressing you out at work? GF/BF/Wife/Husband aggro (hopefully not all of the above at the same time)! Do you feel the need to log in and just put everything on hold even if it's just for an hour or two? We understand. We are a guild of adults that understand that LIFE HAPPENS!

Who We Are:
Kamikaze Runners is a level 25 Horde Guild on the Earthen Ring (US) server. Most of our members are college students, couples, and parents--working class stiffs who understand that Real Life™ must come first. Kamikaze Runners isn’t just a guild to us. It is our home away from home, it's our safe harbor, and for some of us it's that much needed “adult time” after the kiddos are in bed. There is just something to be said for logging in to people greeting you by name, chatting over Mumble about your day and asking how you are. We're a second family to each other, not just a race/class combination to run content with. We have casual members who only play a few times a week, and we have the dedicated ones who are on every chance they get. Kamikaze Runners is a guild about friends and the connections we make while playing a game we love.

What We Do:
Shiggles- Missed something on your achievement list? Want a chance to go back and kill the Lich King or traipse through Molten Core or Serpentshrine Caverns? Want to run through Stormwind naked? Well that’s what Shiggles Night is all about. Shiggles is our ever rotating night of fun content to help our members unwind and have fun together.

KR Contests - We try to hold bi-monthly contests ranging anywhere from Vanity Pet Appreciation, Costume Contests, Photo Hunts, Drunken Hide-and-Seek, Screen Shot contests, Scavenger Hunts, and whatever fun our officers can think of.

Kamikaze Raiding - Like to die in strange and unusual ways? Enjoy damp dark places, filled with silly jokes, hilarious deaths, and boss kills? Enjoy hearing your raid leader scream like a girl?* Want to work on raid content without the super hardcore schedule? Then you might be interested in checking out our raid team. We raid Saturdays starting at 8:30pm server time.

Contact Us:
Our Guild is looked after by our officers. Please don't hesitate to contact them with any questions or inquiries. They are available in game, or via our website at http://kamikazerunners.enjin.com


*We can not guarantee that our raid leader will scream like a girl. More likely he'll screen in a high alto excited manner indicative of our awesomeness.
It's true, we're awesome.

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