welfare and battlegrounds

the battlegrounds are an infuriating waste of time these days. with the push for fail honor, otherwise known as welfare honor, bots have multiplied exponentially to the point you cannot enter a BG without having to endure them


because no effort is required to get welfare honor. the bot can sit in one spot, jumping or healing himself the whole game, and be assured of getting some level of honor or xp.

they claim it cannot be fixed. horse hockey. not only can the bot software be detected along with the obvious repetitive actions... but blizz can remove the MOTIVATION for bots

by removing welfare honor, the bots will yield very little benefit... especially if those accounts get flagged for botting. the owner wouldn't risk losing their toons for barely any gain... so they'd stop.

would they cry? yes. so what?

don't get me wrong, i understand blizz will never do this... not with the attitude they've shown in the recent years towards the carebears.

so what is the solution for anyone that wants to avoid being forced to group with bots for an almost assured loss?


i encourage EVERYONE to start running premades. starve the bots. if everyone does it, the bots will have long queues and the bgs would be all bots. all ties, no wins. and the resultant welfare honor would drop radically
Bliz isn't going to stop bots, they're $15/month.

Just make a bot bracket and add a turing test before taking queue. Force bot programmers to fight for business.
Blizzard gave US the players to get rid of the bastards. Its our own damn fault for not doing so.

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