Achievements:why progress is not account-wide

Disclaimer: My main was a prot paladin for the last 2 years or so. I had a lot of fun on that character and I worked on almost all my achievements on her. Unfortunately, in the last months of Cataclysm, I grew extremely tired of her, but I felt like I was stuck to my main, because of all my in-progress achievements. When MoP was announced, with all the account-wide stuff, I decided I would re-roll monk, and leave my paladin behind to get the change I was looking for in dungeons/raids/PvP.

So, I'll just make a list of the achievements for which I'd like the progress to be shared between characters, and then I'd like to understand why it's not reasonable for it to be that way:

- Got My Mind On My Money EDIT: Progress shared once @ 50k looted
- Daily Quests Completed EDIT: Progress shared once @ 1000 dailies completed
- Quests Completed
- Conquest Points EDIT: Progress shared once @ 50k earned
- Battleground Victories
- Cooking recipes learned
- Valor Points EDIT: Progress shared once @ 50k earned
- Exalted Reputations***

Now, there are three exceptions that I know of:
- Total Pets/Mounts since they are themselves account-wide
- Honorable Kills
- Meta achievement progress

First, I'd like to understand why it was decided that honorable kills would be account-wide, because I bet the arguments could easily be applied to the previous achievements I listed.

1) I cannot see (and maybe someone can help me there) how these achievements would be any easier to obtain if the progress was account-wide. I mean, think about two different, somewhat hard to get reputations like Hydraxian Waterlords and the Steemwheedle cartel. I completed them on my paladin, but I don't see how the achievement would be diminished if I had gotten them on two separate characters.

2) They are against the whole idea of MoP and the new account-wide technology: If you are progressing on one of them, you are basically stuck on a single character for a very long time (for example with total daily quests completed). I think it was stated somewhere that they wanted players to not feel like they have to be stuck to a single char.

Now, I do understand that they also wanted to draw a line on the account-wide stuff. For example, secondary professions are not account-wide, and I can totally understand why. I do feel that each character needs a certain amount of work and that re-rolling should not be a cakewalk.

That being said, I think that leveling up, leveling professions, gaining reputations, gearing up while raiding and dungeoning, farming, etc., already require a hefty amount of work. It is absolutely clear that I will never go back to farm Hydraxian Waterlords or any of the previous 51 reps I got on my paladin. (Even with the double rep Blizzard just announced)

Also, I know that some people will say that I should just go back to my paladin, but that's a bit too easy. I love the monk, and it's extremely fresh for me to heal with all these new mechanics, that I just can't go back to what I've been doing for the past 2 years.

TL;DR : I think some normal achievements should have account-wide progress, just like the total honorable kills.
Dailies are account-wide progress once you hit 1000 on a single character. I have 902 done on my Paladin, but I have 932 done towards the 2500 daily achievement (I use Overachiever to search for achievements I couldn't normally see).

In addition, Got My Mind On My Money is also account-wide progress once you reach 50k looted, and Valor is once you reach 50k earned, Conquest is once you reach 5k earned.

Personally, I'd like to know why Glorious!, the Pandaria rare achievement, doesn't have account-wide progress even though both Frostbitten and Bloody Rare do.
Hum, I actually didn't know this.

It still means that you have to reach those steps before moving on.

I just read GC's statement on this, saying that the progress is shared for achievements that would be too brutal to get on more than one character. I still don't see why 60/70 exalted reps is not considered brutal.
Or doing Northrend Loremaster on two toons just to get a tailoring pattern for your collection habit >.>

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