WTB Leatherworking trainer in Pandaria

I realize that so far I haven't been ALL over Pandaria...however I have seen nearly every profession trainer save for Leather-working and I don't think I have seen an Engineering trainer.

Seriously, what's the deal there?
I found 2 on wowhead, looks like they're both in Kun-Lai Summit

Many of the higher level patterns are bop, from vendors (need spirit of harmony to purchase) at the factions cities in Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Also check out the Golden Lotus Quartermaster, he has a bunch of patterns

That's the rep you're gonna want, but I'm not sure how blizz went about reputations this time around. All the rep tabards are at exalted, so they do not grant rep in dungeons like in Cata. As far as I can tell, you get rep from Questing and from doing Dailies that only unlock after you hit 90?

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