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Is there an addon that would make your screen flash or something like that when the thing moves, which indicates that you can fish something up? I realize that there's a sound when that happens, but I wanna watch other things on my second monitor - if the sound is turned on there's too much background noise.
There is no combat log event for it I think, so it wouldn't be easy if it was possible. Potentially you could monitor for movement on the screen with some sort of external app but I'm pretty certain that's not legal.
Well, you could try installing Fishing Buddy ( ) and that has an option that you can diminish background sounds while you are fishing so you can hear the bobber "splash".

You could also use this in conjunction with Fish Ping ( ) which makes a "ping" sound instead of the regular "splash" sound to alert you when you have a "bite". NOTE: IF you decide to use this "addon", PLEASE read the instructions before you install it as it DOES NOT install like your typical addon.
I'm not sure about you guys but I just checked that addon out because I was looking to make the sound louder or change the sound completely for the fishing bobber (I hope that doesn't violate TOS). Anyway I don't even have a "sounds" folder in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data .... so I don't see how I would even install that addon. If you currently don't have the folder why would the game replace the current noise with one that is placed in some random folder? So I don't think that addon works anymore but it may just be me...
Make the sounds folder in the
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data

It isn't an addon. It's a replacement sound.
It goes something like this. You start up wow. Wow checks
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\Sound
to see if you've put any replacement sounds in there for it to load instead of the default.
If nothing is there, it just defaults back to MPQ and loads what it came with.

There is no programming there and no lua. You're just adding in sound in a data path that blizzard made a check for, in order to enable us to replace sounds as we wished.
Read the instructions from the wowinterface page of the linked "addon" and follow them.

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