I appreciate the Fire Mage PvE sticky guide

But is there a guide for Arcane and Frost?

I don't see myself raiding anytime soon so I'm seeking an answer that's more for 5-man dungeon runs, heroic or otherwise.
Thanks Ruki.
I've been using Icy Veins as well, since I am in love with Arcane. My curiosity though is, who is the better dpser.
Lurve that Icy-veins site. Pew pew Frost!
Frost is currently the best DPS spec.
10/06/2012 09:41 AMPosted by Ruki
Frost is currently the best DPS spec.

wrong pal, fire it is
Originally I had wanted to write a Frost PvE guide instead of a Fire one, as it's my favorite spec, but at the time, Switch had updated his first post, saying he'd update his guide. With that, I just went ahead and wrote one for Fire Mages. Currently he's 85 and doesn't have much activity since January, so I don't know when and if he'll be writing another Frost PvE guide.

With that said, Icy Veins is a great website, and they give you all the essentials you need for every spec, while being brief and concise.
If you want more info on any of the specs also look at Lhivera's Compendium its amazing!

Icy Veins is also great because they are very quick about keeping these updated and fixxing any mistakes. As long as you never ever ever use noxxic.com

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