Anyone still play WC3, Reign of Chaos?

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I still love this game!!
Yes, when the servers are down.
Occasionally, although for the most part I prefer the changes made in Frozen Throne.
I keep wanting to go back and play it again, haven't played in a few years, but I have so little free time that it is spent playing WoW...

But yeah, I miss WCIII, such an awesome game.
I play it nearly everyday. Cause of DotA.
Not since SC2 came out with a betting editor. I love making maps and mods.
One of my favorite games. Used to play on Azeroth all the time but never got on the leaderboard. I think during Reign of Chaos shamans did piercing damage so it was so fun to just mass them and bloodlust and let them go crazy.
I usually use Warcraft 3 to help inspire me for a new character. If I play a random game and do well with a specific hero, I'll try to make the closest representation to that hero in WoW.
I got the disks around here somewhere... I haven't installed it in my new laptop just yet...

Never played online with mine, I stink at RTS games against other players, but I do love going through the story every now and then. I remember the months before Wrath came out officially, I was playing that game like there was no tomorrow, getting ready for the newest expansion's story line.

I wonder if Blizzard would ever release an HD version bundle of all their old Warcraft games? I would buy something like that up in no time flat.

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