Druid Bugs and General Wierdness

Bug Report
1. Swiftmend is behaving wierdly

If you try to follow up Regrowth or sometimes Rejuvenation with a Swiftmend instead of chain casting the Swiftmend right after, it cause your cursor to turn blue as if you issued the cast without any available targets, It will only cast the spell after you click on someone also (super annoying).

It was not like this until the Mists of Pandaria 5.0 patch. It will work the regular/correct/better way by using the following macro for anyone wondering.

/cast !swiftmend
And any macros containing swiftmend can also be fixed with the !swiftmend

2. Casting Entangling Roots does not put you in combat. I understand this enables players to entangling roots a PVE Mob without pulling it. And theres nothing wrong with that design wise but I wanted to give you guys the heads up about how myself and probably some other druids are going to use it.

Basically you can feign combat status in pvp, like i'll be doing druid stuff in arena; healing or whatever. Then ill position Brothertom in a place people wouldn't normally try and restealth, and then I'll chain cast entangling roots at stuff and try to seem like combative. Then after a couple root casts + award winning acting I'll be able to restealth.

Its essentially the same thing as like feigning combat with casting heals on yourself, but its way better because your opponents will be like "he cant stealth for a while. I would know, I just got rooted" and then when you stealth they will think "oh he just used displacer beast."

This may sound ridiculous, but good druids especially non feral's will be getting reliable restealths in an arena setting once they figure this out.

3. While using the Faerie Swarm Talent (teir 3 Druid, available at level 45) the first cast of Faerie Swarm correctly applies the Stealth Debeff and slows the targets movement speed by 50%. However the second cast of Faerie Swarm (if casted on someone already effected by 1 application of the Faerie Swarm debuff(the first cast)) reapplies the Stealth debuff but removes the 50% snare(tooltips on this debuff are the same as the first cast). A third application and all those after *that continue to refresh the original debuff* apply the 50% snare/stealth debuff.

All casts of Faerie Swarm apply the non magic, brown, 12% armor reduction debuff

bump because im scared no one saw my post
Speaking of druid bugs. I've noticed heart of the wild does not give the passive (as it states?) 6% stat increase.

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