Lvl 90 Tier

This tier lacks any kind of wow factor. As some have pointed out, you could choose no talent at all without much impact on your gameplay. The suggestions below were submitted to MMO Champion. I really like them. Might need some tweaks but any one of them would be more exciting than what we have now.

AV - Lose the active portion. Make it a passive 15%.

KJC - Allow one main filler (for example Malefic Grasp, Shadowbolt, Incinerate)" to be cast on the move.

MF - Include Shadowfury, Howl of Terror, Harvest Life, etc.
These changes would be very nice to have. They all feel very useful while not being too good for lvl 90 talents.
10/06/2012 11:03 AMPosted by Pooner
AV - Lose the active portion. Make it a passive 15%.

That one change might be a bit too strong on certain fights with massive aoe damage being done.

But I do agree, these need to be looked at. I just hit 90 and am sitting here trying to decide which one of these is worth taking at all. It does feel as if it won't affect me at all whether I leave it unchosen or not :(

AV I'll probably use for pvp, just to be able to deal some damage when stunned or something (along with dots of course). I guess I'll pick up MF for now, for my random farming. Cannot really figure out which one would be less pointless in a raid, unless I am missing something. Maybe AV again if it's a heavy aoe-the-raid-members boss. KC would be nice, if not for the double penalty. Both cast time increase and movement speed decrease makes it feel like something one should stay away from, doing more harm than good. Perhaps just one or the other would be a decent change. *shrugs* it's pretty disappointing for sure.

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