[BLIZZ] The Taste of Rogues

Dear Blizzard,

I have played a rogue for 8 years. I am an incredibly average pvper by trade. I have had highs and lows along the way. I remember the thrill of discovering that one could cast a gnomish deathray during a gouge, and the horror of realizing that I had neglected to use rupture for three years in a row. I farmed rank 10, Ive hit 2k+ in arenas and I have wiped on Galv. I know how rogues feel, smell, and taste.

To be clear I do not mind being "underpowered" (please note the sarcastic quotation marks). I believe that the terror of running for my life and crying for help on vent when a warrior is spewing stuns and massive crits in my direction is as much a part of my class as the dead clothy who is last in the train of horde to run past the zerker hut at the start of a WSG.

Earlier I mentioned that rogues have a taste. If we were, for a moment, to compare rogues to burgers then vanilla rogues would have been nothing but meat and bun. With BC came the introduction of a slice of cheddar cheese. Wrath brought about some bbq sauce and Cata was topped with bacon. In mop, however, I feel that this is more of a turkey club.

Thank you blizzard, for the turkey club, however I have been a regular at this establishment for many years and I always order burgers. I would greatly appreciate it if you were to take this sandwich and examine it in order to confirm my hypothesis that this is indeed a turkey club. It would be unfortunate if your clientele were to continue to wonder what kind of meat their rogues are made of.

[TLDR Rogues need to be examined and refocused around our core abilities and playstyles so that we may start to "taste" like rogues again.]

loved it /tear
A tasteful well made argument!
100% Pure BEEF is what i want!
10/06/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Crackhorde
100% Pure BEEF is what i want!

I got your beef right here.
10/06/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Failrogue
100% Pure BEEF is what i want!

I got your beef right here.

Hope its not Canadian and came from XL foods recall list :P
10/06/2012 04:13 PMPosted by Crackhorde
Hope its not Canadian and came from XL foods recall list :P

Its infected with blood plauge and has swarms of flies buzzing around it, and it kinda smells like your class right now... PURE GARBAGE.. lololololol
One of the most well thought out posts I have ever read.

Then it will be all beef...

get it?
Reminds me of the old "World of Burgercraft" thread.

To me we taste like a bottle of ketchup that's been left out too long.
lol you know that taste well, Derp?

Turkey is much healthier.

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