Various Monk things (BM or MW only)

I've been playing my Monk since Monday, I am 71 now and am still liking it, not as much as before since I'm not learning anything new often, but it's still a lot of fun. I feel that as I learned more and more as Mistweaver, I felt like I should figure out the best time to use those, such as the statue (I place it a lot but rly, all it is, is a mana drain at 700-800 mana when I have less than 9k).


Healing Spheres - the healing is strong and having them seems like a good thing, but no matter how good they could be, they are almost useless right now (at my level) and I hope I find a niche for them at max.

Mana Tea- I LOVE having mana regen like this. I have found a bug how if you use chi TOO fast (I casted Enveloping Mists and then right away Chi Wave (5 chi) and it didn't grant me a stack of tea). Other than that, it's so neat to have a no cd ability that grants mana like that.

Serpent Statue - mana cost is so high is my only complaint. It's another totem call for me because I remember at the start of max level in Cata, I would use a quarter of my mana pool putting down my chosen totems as resto. Other than that, I really haven't seen it in action because there isn't enough healing done at my level and even when damaging, my regular eminence is doing all the work along with renewing mists.

Uplift - at first, it seems SO weak, (it was doing about 2.5k healing at 62 which seems weak, but with only 6k health, that's not too bad), but it's actually not bad. I do hate the tie to renewing mists because renewing mists is a pain to keep up when the spell likes to go to pets before it goes to players.

Spinning Crane Kick (as a heal) - the heal is great, I guess, although I do hate that when I'm trying to do it for damage rather than healing, my screen is flooded with Green healing numbers! I mean, Monks have the MOST overhealing i've ever seen since a lot of it's damage also heals, and not just Eminence!

Soothing Mists - my least used ability right now, but I still like the concept. I spend like ten times the mana on jab than I use on this, if I ever even use it!

Thunder Focus Tea - Just looked and realized I've had this, and NEVER used it! I guess that's what you get when you level in Brewmaster more than Mistweaver!


Ox Statue - both statues seem partially useless right now, but this one is definitely worse. I mean, it's health is so low that if I place it where I'm about to pull, then delay Provoking on it to aoe taunt (helps when groups like to dps too early), it will die. It's like totems, die on one hit. Statue and totems should have increased health imo.

Tiger Palm -> Guard - Usually I forget to Tiger Palm 3 times for the increased Guard, but I do it a lot. My issue with it is, whenever I'm leaving combat, I love the stacks even if I finished off the enemy with a Tiger Palm and it's at 28 seconds when it completely dies. I don't know if it's a bug or intended (if so, bad idea).

Breath of Fire - I love this spell, it is amazing, but I have a complaint. I think it needs a bigger AOE. I mean, whenever I would tank on my warrior, Shockwave hits enemies a little off to the side, this doesn't hit anything that's not DIRECTLY in front, which with how my pulls can be (I like to pull BIG!) it rarely hits even a majority because of how they're laid out near me. Costing 2 Chi which could give me shuffle with BoK or a nice shield with Guard, this ability should be better at hitting the enemy! (Also, the glyph for this, I am still without because my server likes to overprice everything! over 800g for the glyph. What the heck? I can't imagine new players and how they feel, I remember not being able to afford either riding training when I started the end of'08).

Spinning Crane Kick - I find myself using this a lot more than I thought I would. I love having an aoe like this, no cooldown, and hitting everything! If it didn't generate Chi, i wouldn't touch it. It's damage does seem a little crappy per hit, but hey, I don't care, I'm not dps!

All in all, thanks Blizzard, you've given me something new to play and enjoy. I haven't leveled anything but this since Monday when my CE came in (which by the way, is a heck of a lot nicer than I thought it would be). I love Chi Wave, I watch it go whenever I use it (both specs, I like the hits whatever, helps group more than Zen Sphere which is only more reliable in the sense, it doesn't fizzle out). Roll, although it's not as awesome as it looked months ago when I watched a lot of Beta videos, I love being able to roll (Glyph of Water Roll = huge let down) Dizzying Haze is another one I love because it's just a fun ability. Throwing Kegs is fun! The crappy misfire effect is a bit pointless to be honest. my last UK run, it happened 3 times throughout the entire dungeon. I don't think it would've gone any different without the misfire.

Thanks again!
I agree with a good portion of your observations especially having noticed some of them in my own experiences, going to chuck in my 2c from a lvl90 PoV having done a bit of dungeon healing and attempted raid healing.

*disclaimer - I am more than willing to concede that I might simply be a bit awful at some aspects of the class as I not only need to learn a new class, I also need to break myself out of habits of priest play over the course of 6 years*

Things I have noticed that give me the angrys

-Mana Tea-
While I love the concept of this, I feel the implementation is a little off. Other healers that have mana cooldowns can use it at a time of their choosing, monks "must" spend considerable mana to have reliable stacks of mana tea.
If I could suggest a change, it would be one of the following
-Mana tea stacks up with every 3 chi used, rather than 4
-Soothing Mists has a 40% chance to generate chi
-While out of combat you generate 1 charge of Mana Tea to a maximum of 10 allowing us to start with a little mana in reserve like each of the other healers

AoE healing can take forever to prepare
I don't mind needing to plan ahead for periods of AoE damage, it occurs in a mostly predictable fashion anyway, but certain aspects of abilities prevent this from being a little more user friendly. Renewing mists won't transfer unless it actually heals damage (in my experience) which is frustrating if you know the damage is coming but everyone is already at full health awaiting the pounding they are soon to receive. Chi Wave that "must" alternate between friendly and hostile target in order to progress where the tooltip merely states that it "can" hit both, perhaps a glyph for hostile only and friendly only? (also, this ability will not jump at all while out of combat which is aggravating but I understand why as there is no hostile for it to bounce between). I would also like to see something along the lines of Thunder Focus Tea reducing the chi cost of the next ability used by 1

Jade Serpent Statue
Healing dead pets when they start limping back to their owners...
We were in the scholo viewing room and the tank was pulling slightly more mobs than I would otherwise like so I drop my statue, hunter pet taunts a mob, dies then because my JSS will not soothing mist anything other than the pet because it is on like 2% health, I need to empty my mana with Surging Mists rather than enveloping double soothing and RM.
The same goes for eminence heals in this situation
Consider removing pets from the priority list for these effects or giving a glyph that makes JSS "always" prefer your target for soothing mists\
Also reduce the mana cost, it costs a fortune in mana at the moment

Revival which will be my last gripe
Its potency seems a little lack luster come lvl90 when compared to other healers raid savers, simple change I would look at would be increasing the heal amount by 50% on targets with renewing mists active

I like the potential monk healers have but at the moment there are a few things that I (not necessarily everyone) feel are off. I put that down to it being a new class that hasn't been refined over the last 7 odd years. Still though, I am enjoying the good more than being put off by the bad.

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