PvP is just a tad broken atm :(

It was more balanced when nobody had pvp gear, but pvp power scales too well with classes abilities and the balance between pvp power and resilience is just not right. My suggestion is it would be better just to maybe remove pvp power and do a little bit more tweaking on classes such as warriors whose burst is able to kill 4 people within the time of their cds or how mages can global you. If you buff resilience and remove pvp power it would take more skill to get a healer down rather than me just rooting, vortex/solar beam, and just popping everything and killing the healer b4 my silence even runs out. But this is only a suggestion, I figure not all pvp at the beginning of every expansion is balanced, and I'm sure you are working on balancing it as I type this up. :)
Just a tad.
Warrior/BM only does a little bit of damage.

Only a little bit of damage.
People are fairly bad at this game

Only fairly
People are fairly bad at this game

Only fairly

FOTM rerollers are generally morons


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