[A] Vex - 10m - LF Prot War or Pal w/DPS OS

Guild Recruitment
Currently Vex is a 10 man heroic raiding guild on Ysera. Our mantra when it comes to our new and current members is: Play what you like but play it well. What this means to us is, no matter what class you want to play we can work around that choice as long as the basic necessities are met for a fight in particular, but be able to consistently be competitive in what ever role you wish to fill.

Our raid times are Tues through Thursday, 8-11 pm EST. Mondays are sometimes required due to progression but advanced noticed is always provided.

We are currently recruiting:

Prot Warrior with a DPS offspec
Prot Paladin with a DPS offspec

If your class or spec is not currently something we are looking for, and you feel like you are an exceptional player, please feel free to apply anyways!

Apply at http://vexysera.enjin.com/

If you have any questions feel free to come to Ysera and find Kunglao!
or add my battletag: HeezyDuhh#1349
Bump, may pay xfer if you are worth it!
Bumpity, Still looking for Prot Pal or Prot War.
Bump in desperate need of a good tank, willing to pay xfer if you are good enough!

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