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Pet Battles
I apologize in advance if some of these have been made before. These are my initial reactions to pet battle after coming back to Azeroth after a few month job-induced siesta. I cannot fit it all into a "suggestion ticket" so I am posting it here in the hopes others may agree, or have additional suggestions as well.

The new pet battle system is so cool, but it lacks in some very basic features, as well as some “nice-to-haves.”

1. Being able to create, name, and save teams would save so much time scrolling through my 200+ pets – because right now, the “sorting” that is built-in doesn't save me any time.

2. Sorting based on rarity and level of pet, health, speed, and power, and whether they can heal themselves or others (and other "common talents") would also save much scrolling.

3. Being able to have a separate tab you could pull pets over onto that you are actively leveling (but not in a team - kind of an "on the fly B-team") would save time, as I accidentally leveled two of multiple pets before I realized what I was doing. Synergistic sorting would also be nice (such as “this pet creates daylight, this pet utilizes daylight and/or “pets that do damage against mechanical” or “pets that do damage against critters”) but may be too much hand-holding...I did enjoy the process of learning about my pets and figuring out (and still figuring out) who I wanted to be my “A” team and how to compose teams that did not “fail epically.”

4. I like the fact that you do have synergistic pets, however sometimes I'm not sure that is actually working. My Soul of the Aspects creates daylight, and the little sunflower I got from finally doing plants vs zombies utilizes it (so far I have not been able to find other pets that do, because reading through the abilities and scrolling through again, takes so much time – maybe you could “minimize” multiple pets of the same kind/level so only one shows in the main list as well? Such as three level 1 Undercity rats...) but I see no difference in her healing during sunlight vs healing without sunlight (I fully admit this could just be “user error” but was wondering if anyone else had noticed along these lines)

5. Being able to tell if the pet you are battling is rare, uncommon, or common before and during battle so you do not accidentally capture the “common” one when the rare one was coming right up.

6. How come I can't catch a gazelle!? If the pet is not tamable that should be indicated via mouse over so I don't waste my opportunity to capture the first pet I am battling and then ::headdesk::ing when I realize I can't actually catch the next pet.

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