Attention Holy Paladins with the DMC Trinket!

Is this happening to you guys aswell?

It's driving me cray cray!
Yes it is and its annoying
It's giving me a headache :(
It hasn't happened to me yet. :-S
That looks freakn EPIC!
It ain't epic with you wanna use LoD and your raid sighs in vent everytime you do...

It's insanely bright :\
Hey Paladina, what UI are you using? It looks clean and very nice.
Yeah could you list your addons? I like some of those.
I'm afraid to see what messy looks like to you guys, if you consider that a clean UI.
And it just looks like a modified version of ElvUI or TukUI.
i just use the standard wow ui
That is funny lol
Why is it funny that some people still use the default WoW UI?

It doesn't mean that I don't use any addons.
Sure, I was asking a simple question that wasn't directed at any of them. Then they laugh that I don't use a custom UI. There isn't anything wrong with that. I bet you many people do.
Or..they were responding about the thread..a huge triangle beam of light is pretty funny..

It may have had nothing to to do with you using standard UI.
Heya, Its just Tukui :)
Oh boy, that looks obnoxious. Couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a trinket that will get replaced this tier. This did nothing to change my mind!
My entire raid hated me last night.
Nerf priest halo too.

This card makes for some good DBZ roleplay.

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