Attention Holy Paladins with the DMC Trinket!

Or..they were responding about the thread..a huge triangle beam of light is pretty funny..

It may have had nothing to to do with you using standard UI.

You're probably right.
10/08/2012 03:43 AMPosted by Paladiná
Heya, Its just Tukui :)

Thanks Paladina. =D
10/08/2012 07:36 AMPosted by Adornus
My entire raid hated me last night.

I feel ya bud... I feel ya <3
Why is it funny that some people still use the default WoW UI?

It doesn't mean that I don't use any addons.

Maybe they weren't talking to you.
Let's say I was the running gag this week with that trinket proc and Light of Dawn.

I had bad memories of Maloriak trinket.
Mount a firehawk with the trinket proc
Our melee was complaining about our Hpaly and that trinket blinding them. I knew it was annoying but not exactly how much till he snuck up behind me and my entire screen just went white.

So now HM stone guard has become extra HM stone guard now that im looking for cobalt bombs, puddles and now our palies Jesusbeam. Ty blizz

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