Nat Pagle rep grind is ridiculous

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I also like to add ....make sure to use any thing boost up fishing skill like hat name it use would seem you might need they highest fishing skill above 600 I fish at 715 fishing skill using jeweled fishing pole with special fish line on it ...and my weather beaten fishing hat....and usually it only takes me less then 30 mins for each of the 3 different special fish.

The fishing daily in Shatt still drops the 100 skill fishing hooks from the bag you get from completing it.....and it takes only few mins to get that fishing daily done and there is a portal to shatt right there in Seven Stars.
Fishing is about as exciting as making bandages
10/06/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Wyler
If you expected anything else from THE Nat Pagle... well, I'm not sure fishing is really your thing.
This is the man that found the Ashbringer by fishing. I think he can afford to be picky and have steep requirements.
lol 1st cast of the day was a Flying fish I kid you not!
Nanananana FISHING
What's the rush?? This is fishing we're talking about here, don't expect to get it all done in the first month of the xpack.
10/07/2012 03:03 AMPosted by Feyranna
What's the rush?? This is fishing we're talking about here, don't expect to get it all done in the first month of the xpack.

I'm not complaining about the 3 turnins per day thing, I'm complaining about finding 2 of the 84 turn ins after around 9 hours of fishing. at that rate it would take over 360 hours of fishing.

While i'm willing to accept having a really bad day with RNG, it looks bleak when it seems to be happening to everyone else too. One of my guildies has never seen any and he's 600 fishing
The grind is excessive.

And I was on 59 exalted reps before MOP came out despite being away for most of Cataclysm. I also grinded out the insane title before any nerfs or removed faction without any help. Leveled up a rogue just to grind lockboxes.

About the only rep as annoying as this one (so far) was grinding the cartel rep without harming Bloodsail rep. And yeah I know Bloodsail > exalted is harder still
I have 1 octopus and I leveled up to 600 on my main. Its going to be a GRIND!
Nat Pagle for president!
Just wanted to add that I caught a mimic octopus within 10 minutes of fishing for 1 as well. These fish aren't hard to get if you fish in the right spots for them.

Shouldn't be that hard to catch one of each fish every day.

Yes, because obviously it's a guaranteed 1 per 10 minutes and not a case of you being exceptionally lucky
In the world of Nat Pagle, you don't not get rep, rep gets you.
Fishing is a slow and boring grind? Never would have guessed
I see fishing still sucks in this game.
This amuses me.
Nat Pagle isn't meant to be a rep you grind. It's one you go "Oh, cool!" when you get one of the fish as you chill out fishing up fish for banquets or whatever.

Farming a small chance fish? You're gunna have a bad time.
yeah the +50 added permanently to your skill from Nat Pagle is kind of ironic... by the time you get the required special fishes to be exalted you will have hit 600 fishing and probably could have levelled fishing to 1200 by then if it went that high lol.

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