Do I suck or..?

In cata I was playing disc priest and I was a great healer but now i can't play it, do i suck or has it got harder to play or worse? Im honestly going for the sucking.
Spells cost too much, need to learn to use smite heal.
I had to make liberal use of spirit shell, mindbender, and smite heals. At 89, my regen went into the toilet, and I felt bad slowing groups down so I could drink that 100k water (with, I think, a 250-ish mana pool, wth?).
Go holy. Use mindbender on cooldown. Gem for spirit. get AS MUCH spirit as possible. (trinkets, gems, enchants)
I so DO NOT want to spec holy
I am not 90 but from what feels to be the best (for PvE) is use just heal as it has a chance to proc the !@#$ that makes flash heal instant/no mana - works for me pretty well, also using penace/powerword shield/renew is keeping my mana at a good amount during any type of fight... for PvP smite heals have been good for me, using power word shield/penace/renew when needed.

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