Help me with my UI

So I have returned to WoW after an 18 month hiatus and broke my horrible habit of key turning. This has, however, brought about a new problem: hot keys for the massive amount of abilities I will need to use, particularly in pvp.

Being relatively new to all this, the Blizzard UI is just not helping. Needing to have all my hotkeys within reach of one hand, the linear bars of the standard UI is just... confusing. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions on how to bridge this gap as easily and effectively as possible.

I was a 2100 warlock back in Wrath, as a key turner, so I am fairly excited to see what I can do now that I have purged that filthy habit.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
I recommend elvui. I really enjoy it.

Click Bartender4.

Install it.

Go into the game.

Configure it with the multitudes of settings that it has, re sizing bars (width, height, rows, columns, padding), whether or not to display 10 bars, vehicle bar, pet bar, etc. etc.

Get back to 2100.

I can't say that this method will work, as I've been using the BlizzUI bars since MoP released, after using Bartender since Vanilla/BC (Vanilla Baby).. nostalgia, what can I say? Gotta love them annoying eagles on the side of the bar.

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