What Should Guardian Reforge?

I reforged dodge and it doesn't really look like it did much... I thought dodge and crit was our biggest stats? What am I missing?
Dodge, Mastery, and Crit are all good for different reasons.
I literally just put this on another forum so ya copy paste!

My personal feeling toward guardian tanking is one of 2 things.

1) Gear toward mastery and stm, gem stm, pick up mastery pieces. Basically make your EH just freaking gigantic.

2) Gear toward high base dodge and rage regen. Basically expertise/hit cap, then go for crit/mastery pieces. This gives you better up time on SD and hopefully with dodge gems/forges we can hit a staggering amount of dodge with SD up.

While the first is probably a tad bit better overall simply because tanks with lots of eh don't die, and because your strait up gemming stm your better off on high magic damage fights. However atm healers don't have the mana to heal sponges.

Which is why I think for the first tier or 2 i'm probably going to switch over to gemming/forging dodge and hit/exp, it does 2 things, while damage is a bit more spikey overall on most fights your probably going to take a little bit less damage, and the important thing is exp/hit cap will go a long way in increasing tank dps for progression fights.

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