Botting problem

I do not remember the last battleground I was in that did not have a few bots on each side, blizzard please send out some banwave's. As it is right now, there is no reason to even Q for bgs unless you are a bot. So either banwave or we should all start botting.
^ i agree man must we wait 1 year before we can random bg que again. its ridiculous how many bots are in there now.
Right now, all you can do is report the bots and hope the problem calms down after a couple months.
yep which is unfair for us players that sit here infront of the computer and have to try 3x harder that just doesnt work.
Yeah it is really bad atm sometimes we get as many as 7/10 botting and I have even seen 10/10 horde botting in BoG.
I have been reporting the botters in game for cheating/botting. I am curious if blizzard even gets these or looks at them. How many of these does it take before action is taken? Maybe this is the way we can combat it, but only if blizzard is actively looking at and punishing for said infractions.
man i recorded some bgs, arathi basin with 10 bots , them later i did an Isle of Conquest with probably like 30 bots ..... we have more bots playing them people
can you believe that ?
check it out
10/07/2012 02:54 PMPosted by Diow
check it out

that's much worse than mine

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