LF Exp PvP Guild With Exp Players

Area 52
Ok So I Want To Keep This Simple.

Im A Priest (Disc/Shadow) 2k Exp 2s New To Area 52 Been Here About 6months But Was Recruited To A Decent PvE Guild (Old Ten)
While Old Ten Has A Great Enviroment I Can No Longer Make A Set Schedule And Seems I Enjoy PvP Im After A PvP Guild Now.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/area-52/Praytience/simple this Is My Armory ATM im 1500 in 2s since it Went Live And Highest I Have Been Is 2.1k in 2s.
Im LF RBG 3s and 5s

If Anyone Has Any Info or Is Interested In 3s or 5s Let Me Know.

My Priest Is A Fairly New Toon As I Came Back To Wow When I Came To Area 52 And Started Fresh. All PvP Achieves Were Earned On This Toon.

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