Hackers are back! Massive player deaths.

Moon Guard

Only thing known is some level 1 appearing, saying something like a taunt and then suddenly everything dies. First happened on EU servers but spreading to U.S. servers now.
._. Here we go again with idiots trying to ruin everyone elses fun. Let's hope the developers catch the bug they are abusing and puts a halt to it before it gets out of hand, oh, like the hackerbody advertisements.
Already happened a few hours ago in Stormwind. One second everyone was just minding their business, and NPC's were doin' their thing, next second BOOM, everyone was dead and the NPC's vanished.
Now I'm not too sure I want to log in.
I was about to, but had a change of mind as soon as I saw screenshots of this...
Not sure what they are doing, but I'm pretty sure Blizz needs to get a fast grasp on it before it gets too aggravating.
I kinda want to see it just because..but then again I Don't. Does that make me strange?
Thanks for the heads up, from WrA.
what I heard is they are usinga gltch to activate the gm kill command. you know how blizzard responds to people constantly sercomventing their permas? mac adress being blocked, Its simmular to an ip adress black listing but the diffrences is the mac adress requires you to switch Inetnet service providers and pay out like 10$ for it to be changed. actually most compnies will switch from ip black listing to a full out mac adress black listing if a usr is constantly creating new accounts or cercomventing an ip black list there is even bigger types of black listings that can be used. some useing the adress of the computer itself (and no that is not your username)
10/07/2012 08:25 AMPosted by Pylsur
Looks like it proves those level 1s really could take your 90 in an RP fight.

Probably a massive god mod !@#$%^-...
Client MAC addresses are unknown beyond the local network segment -- across the internet you don't see them in order to be able to block them.

The last bug was just "eh", this one makes me think I should forward my resume to Blizzard. -_-
Apparently we're in Skyrim for a bit with people shouting each other to death.
Could this be why Blizz brought the servers down?
Verse 1

Tongues of fire on Idris flaring,
News of hackers near declaring,
To heroic raids of daring,
Call you, Moon Guard men.

Groans of wounded healers dying,
Wails of tanks and dps flying,
For the distant developers crying,
Call you, Moon Guard Men.

Shall the voice of wailing,
Now be unavailing,
You to rouse, who never yet
In raid night's hour were failing?

This our answer, crowds down pouring,
Swift as goldshire's spam roaring.
Not in vain the voice imploring
Calls on Moon Guard men.

Verse 2

Loud the servers are sounding,
Every nerdy heart is bounding,
As our trusted chief of lore surrounding,
Rage we, Moon Guard men.

Short the sleep the hackers are taking;
Ere the morrow's morn is breaking,
They shall have a rude awakening,
Roused by Moon Guard Men.

Scrubs, cease your weeping,
Calm may be your sleeping,
You and yours in safety now,
The Moon Guard men are keeping.

Ere the sun is high in heaven,
They you fear, by panic riven,
Shall, like frightened sheep, be driven,
Far, by Moon Guard men.
Don't worry, Gamon will protect us.
I was leveling my human monk earlier today. I thought it was a bored GM, but a hacker? Thats a theory right there, but I don't see the point of fireballing the questgivers.
We clearly need the Sword of a Thousand Truths.

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